As F1 and its governing body the FIA continue to thrash out the plan for a major rules overhaul in 2021, the championship will celebrate its 1000th race with this weekend’s Chinese Grand Prix.

F1 tradition and elements of its history – such as team payments for enduring participation and success, and the protection of individual constructors – have been a key part of the negotiations for the planned 2021 revolution.

Brawn says F1 has “an opportunity to trace out a new path for a sport that has few rivals, in terms of the spectacle it offers and its global reach”.

In a special feature for FIA magazine AUTO celebrating the 1000th F1 race, Brawn said: “It [F1] has an amazing history from which to move forward and this 1000th grand prix is its brightest symbol.

“We want to make Formula 1 ever more spectacular,



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