After it appeared that Max Verstappen had defended all of Lewis Hamilton's attacks, Mercedes Chief of Strategy James Wolwes pulled an ace up his sleeve and unexpectedly called Hamilton for an extra stop.

Before they realized what had happened at Red Bull, Hamilton had already begun to make quick laps, and the time for a possible reply had expired. Otherwise, the excellent Max Verstappen could only watch his silver car approaching him at extraordinary speed, and without Hamilton being attacked again, he was powerless.

While Hamilton and Verstappen staged a tense fight to win, their team mates lost race far behind in the background. Both Gasly and Bottas have lagged far behind the circle of their teammates, and their future in Formula One is becoming increasingly questionable.

Carlos Sainz excelled, bringing in a significant ten points to McLaren, and also to praise Kimmy Raikkonen, who finished seventh with a sovereign performance.

After some better racing, the Hungaroring rediscovered all the flaws of a Ferrari car, losing more than half a second per lap to the race track in the last twist. Vettel and Leclerc finished the race for the Hungarian GP a minute behind the winner, and Scuderia acted completely impolite on the track at Hungaroring. Ferrari has had serious problems developing its car through the past few years, and this year is no different.

Formula One is leaving for the summer break, and the fastest circus will return to the legendary Spa Francorchamps in early September to race for the Belgian GP. We have entered the second half of the season, and Lewis Hamilton continues to be a strong leader in scoring the World Cup and it will be extremely difficult to beat him. According to the GP of Hungary, Bottas seems to be finally broken, and Ferrari has been out of the game for some time. Max Verstappen thus remains the only name that could threaten Hamilton's re-celebration. The Dutch would need a little luck for something like that, but in motorcycling, a lot more unusual happened …

Matthew P

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