Ferrari team boss Mattia Binotto has confirmed that Alfa Romeo’s former technical director is returning to Maranello to watch over the 2021 season’s car production project, once Formula 1 has undergone a major change to its technical rule.

Resta will begin work in Maranello on November 1, and Ferrari has been entrusted with managing the project 2021 when the new Concorde contract enters into force.

The return of a distinguished engineer was confirmed by Ferrari team boss Mattia Binotto:

“We are delighted that Simone Resta is returning to our headquarters, which will strengthen the technical structure of the Ferrari team. The year 2021 is closer than it seems and Simone is the right person to lead the Ferrari project 2021. Formula 1 will undergo major changes in the season 2021 and we cannot afford to enter the new era unprepared. “

Resta, who for many years was the head of Ferrari’s chassis production department, mysteriously left Maranello in the middle of last season and moved to Alfa Romeo to take over as TD.

After an average start to the season, however, there have been rumors that Resta may soon be returning to Ferrari, which is intensely looking for new staffing solutions.

Rumors have also recently been officially confirmed by Alfi Romeo, and Simone Resta has already left the role of technical director of the Hinwill’s team at the end of July, where he was replaced by aerodynamics chief Jan Monchaux.

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