AUTO Medical comes back with its 17th edition.

Much of the work undertaken by the FIA is not always immediately obvious and includes extensive research into safety as well as constantly reviewing and updating regulations and standards.

One example is our cover story and the partnership of the FIA with Holmatro, one of the most respected brands globally in the manufacture of rescue and cutting equipment. Over the last two years we have been working with Holmatro to look at equipment, cutting techniques and training, which will benefit everyone and be of interest to the extrication teams who have to work sometimes in difficult circumstances, while a trapped driver is extricated.

The video of Tommy Foster’s unusual accident in F4 involving a pheasant hitting his helmet raises the issue of cockpit protection and highlights the importance of using FIA certified safety equipment.

It is not often we get to recommend a movie, but ‘Rapid Response’ documents the development of the motor sport medical teams in the USA following a young Steve Olvey who gives his views inside on how things have changed since his involvement as a medical student.

In a departure from our normal scientific feature, we are publishing a case report of an unusual injury. If any of you have case reports or want to share with us any interesting injuries you have seen, we would be delighted to receive them. We hope you enjoy the latest edition and as always let us know if you have any news or want us to include anything.

The Editorial Board

You can read the full issue of AUTO Medical here.

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