(Motorsport-Total.com) – Who thought that Lewis Hamilton and Nico Rosberg their differences after the resignation of the German end 2016 would put aside, he was probably wrong. In summer (***********************************) it crackles again between the two former teammates – this time not on the track but on the Internet. Triggers were statements by Nico Rosberg in his Vlog on Hungary weekend.

Lewis Hamilton, Nico Rosberg


Lewis Hamilton and Nico Rosberg are probably no longer friends Zoom Download

“Lewis is safe a bit on the way down in terms of his natural abilities, “says Rosberg in his video, declaring,” I think we can see that in his qualifying results this year, so Bottas is at least as good as he is, though not even slightly better on average. ” In the qualifying duel of the Mercedes drivers, Hamilton's nose is 7: 5 up front.

Also in Hungary Bottas was a bit faster on Saturday. “Maybe it's because your physical abilities start to slow down a bit,” Rosberg surmises, declaring, “I do not know what's going on.” In qualifying, Lewis seems to lose some performance. ” After all, with regard to the racing space Rosberg also finds positive words for his ex-teammate.

Rosberg: Verstappen better than Hamilton which still makes him an incredible weapon. ” The best pilot in the current field is not the Briton. “For me, Max Verstappen is currently the best driver, even better than Lewis Hamilton, I think he's just passed him by,” says Rosberg.

Nico Rosberg: Hamilton gets worse in old age

Nico Rosberg thinks that Max Verstappen is currently the best driver and Lewis Hamilton shows signs of aging (***************************************************************************)

With these statements Hamilton was confronted in Hungary. “I did not see the vlog, I do not know who's looking at it,” he says, declaring, “It does not affect my life, I do not care if he's right or not, I think my results speak for themselves There are always people who were not as successful as me and want to have a little talk, but that's okay. “

” If you say something about who else, go It's usually not about the other, but about yourself, “he countered the allegations. But I feel I'm doing better than ever, “he says and explains: “Not every qualifying can be great, you have to stand over it and not all races are going well, the last one [in Hockenheim] was crappy.”

Hamilton counters via Instagram

“But you know what? I leave that behind you, you can handle the past anyway But you can shape the future, “says Hamilton, explaining,” Ultimately, you want to be proud of yourself, and today I'm very proud of how I drove [in Ungarn], that's the way it is how I always want to drive and as a team we have also delivered. “

” Hopefully today we saw that I did not lose speed, “said Hamilton after his victory in Budapest. In the week after Hungary, Hamilton relented on Instagram. There he writes: “There will always be people who will try to damage the name of those who succeed to keep their failed career alive.”

He Although it does not give a name, after the recent incidents it is pretty clear to whom its words are directed. “These people are really sad and lost, and they can only pity you, but you should not be bothered by it, I've decided I do not care,” Hamilton continues. It remains to be seen, however, whether this really is the last word spoken …

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