Charles Leclerc is expected to sign a new contract with Ferrari in the near future, under which Monacan will remain a member of the Maranell team until the end of the season 2024, while doubling so is his salary.

Leclerc replaced Kimmy Raikkonen at Ferrari last season, and young Monacan justified the high expectations of both Ferrari and the very demanding Italian public in the first half of the season.


Leclerc has a contract with Ferrari by the end of the season 2022, but Scuderia is expected to extend the contract to Leclerc for another two years, which means Monacan remained a Maranell team racer until at least the end of the year 2024.

Under his current contract, Leclerc is expected to receive about $ 3 million a year, and with a new contract his annual salary would double. According to current information, the signing of the contract could take place before Ferrari's home race in Monza.

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