Max Verstappen is convinced that, despite his youth, he is already one of the most versatile and complete Formula One racers at the moment.

Verstappen, who despite being 21. already a very experienced racer this year, the race is in remarkable shape, and currently holds the third place in the World Cup.

While most Formula One wagons feel that the Dutchman has finally matured after a tumultuous start to his career, the Red Bull racer disagrees, pointing out that he has never changed his racing style.

I've been racing the same way as in recent years. Changing my racing style would mean that I was doing certain things wrong, which is not true. I came into Formula 1 very young, as most racers in F1 only make their debut at 21. or 22. years. I don't think there are many racers who are more perfect than I am now, though they are old 29. or 30. years

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