Ferrari chief Mattia Binotto admits that Suderia made a mistake in the development of this year's car, and points out that today's view of this year's Ferrari car would be different.

Binotto has confirmed that the Maranello team will be bringing more updates to the SF car as the season progresses 90 , which primarily want to increase cornering grip, albeit at the expense of ultimate speed.

In this year's F1 season, Ferrari vs. Mercedes was losing enormous time in sectors made up of medium-speed and slow turns. Ferrari is aware of its shortcomings, and Binotto is determined that Ferrari will continue to improve its shape when cornering, as it continues to develop.

It is the inefficiency of cornering that, combined with the grip, is the main drawback of this year's Ferrari car, which Binotto is also aware of.

With today's information, the car would of course be developed differently. Our downforce is not at a satisfactory level, which causes us difficulty in reaching the optimum tire temperature. The fact is that we bend too much in bends and do our best to correct our shortcomings as soon as possible.

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