In a conversation with Motorsport.com, Kimi Raikkonen revealed additional details about the parties that a Finnish F1 driver attended during Formula One racing.

Raikkonen, for many years one of the most popular drivers in the world, especially at the beginning of his racing career he was known for his wild private life, characterized by fun and alcohol.

Raikkonen in his biography “The Unknown Kimi Raikkonen” reveals many details from the start of his Renault Formula career to path Formula One, where he was, until his retirement 2009, racing for Sauber, Mclaren, and Ferrari.

The Finn is so revealing that he 2013 when he was racing for Lotus, constantly having fun between races in Bahrain and Spain with friends and a bunch of alcohol for 16 days in a row. Kimi then finished third in the Barcelona race despite a two-week drunkenness.

Raikkonen explained his adventures to Motorsport.com:

“Basically, I don’t even remember it. In most cases, others have had to remind me. We traveled around Europe and had fun, which was not uncommon for us. There is only one example in the book, but it happened quite often ”

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