Formula One Honda chief Masashi Yamamoto has revealed that the Japanese manufacturer's leadership has not yet decided whether Honda will remain part of the fastest sport after the season 2020.

Honda returned to Formula One years 2015, and after failing to work with McLarn, the Japanese manufacturer finally saw its first victory this season after returning to F1.

Despite much progress, Yamamoto is not entirely convinced that Honda will remain in Formula One even after the season 2020 when its contract with the Red Bull team expires.

“This is a decision by the Honda leadership and it is difficult to do anything else to convince them. We reiterate that our goal is to exceed last year's Red Bull results. We do not claim to win five races, but we do want to score more points than Red Bull collected last season. In Japan, they are very pleased with the fact that Honda is winning and I think we can be optimistic, but we will see what happens. ”

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