The longtime manager of F1 lodgers staying on Formula One teams during race weekends has revealed an interesting anecdote about one of the world's most popular racers, Kimmy Raikkonen.

A race car driver who wanted to remain unnamed, among other things, ran a Benetton “motorhome” during Michael Schumacher's race, revealing a funny anecdote from him other than Kimi Raikkonen.

“Kimi Raikkonen barely spoke during the race weekends, but when we drank a few beers he became a completely different person. I remember an incident when he was thrown out of a London nightclub because he wanted to have an “intimate relationship with an inflatable dolphin.”

Kimi, why aren't you tired after the race? Kimi: Because I'm Going for a Beer

Video: Kimi Raikkonen arrives drunk and with a cigar in her hand at the closing event of Fie

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