According to France TV Sport, Fernando Alonso will make an appearance at the beginning of the year 2020 at the famous Dakar Rally, which will premiere this time in the deserts of Saudi Arabia.

Two-time Formula One World Champion will race Dakota 2020 with Toyota Hilux, his the navigator will be the multiple winner of the legendary Marc Coma motorcycle rally.

Alonso already tried out a Toyota Dakar racecar on desert dunes in Africa earlier this year, and the Spaniard wants to write a new chapter in motorsport history after winning Le Mans and winning the WEC Series title.


Welcome to the family MASTER # FernandoAlonso to # Dakar 2020 @ alo_oficial
See you in the dunes ** pic.twitter.com/MNgRGlUBzl

– Tim Coronel (@TimCoronel) August , 2019

And what did @ alo_oficial think of his first Hilux test? Check out his first reaction… We think he enjoyed himself! # PushingTheLimitsForBetter # Dakar # Toyota pic.twitter.com/xqRQ1G1haP

– TOYOTA GAZOO Racing WEC (@Toyota_Hybrid) March
, 2019

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