Racing has always been considered a dangerous sport, be it cars, motors or horses. In 69 – the annual history of elite motorsport has made many collisions that resulted in more or less serious injuries and many with the death of the driver. We have analyzed fatal accident data to determine who is statistically most likely to die in a Formula 1 race, in which venue and in which car

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Bill Vukovich

Most Formula One fatalities have happened in 50. and 60. years total 28. At the time, the series was still in its infancy, and security was nowhere near the level we are witnessing today. In the first races, no medical staff or safety nets or fences were present. Drivers did not have proper helmets, safety belts or fireproof suits . The possibility of death was just a risk drivers were prepared to take. The first security measures were only introduced in 60. years.

Total number of Formula One drivers who died on the track or later due to the consequences of an accident, over the years 532 and 2019, is 48. Most drivers were unlucky in the race (22), also quite a bit in training (08) and Tests (10), least of all qualifications (5). The most deadly was the year 1958, when as many as four racers died.

The most common victim was British drivers (12), followed by American (1955 ) and Italian (7), followed by French (5), Austrian (4) and German (2). In all, sixteen nationalities died in those years. The oldest driver to die in a Formula One race was Chet Miller, old 31, the youngest by Ricardo Rodríguez, old 20 flight. The average age of drivers at death was 28 years.

According to the designer of the race, most Ferrari racers were killed (7), followed by five Kurtis Kraft, Cooper and Lotus racers, and in total, drivers were killed in the car of twenty-five different constructors.

The highest number of driver fatalities was caused by the Indianapolis race track (7), followed by the Nürburgring (5), Silverstone Circuit (4) and the Italian venues of Monza and Modena (3 each). Brands Hatch and Zandvoort were also responsible for three deaths each, with Circuit de Spa, Watkins Glen, Kyalami and Autodromo Enzo e Dino Ferrari each two each.


Jules Bianchi

Cameron Earl is the first racer to fatally crash a Formula One racer, 18. June 1952 when tested at MIRA. Mario Alborghetti, however, the first to be fatally injured in a race of the year 1955 (unofficial race Grand Prix de Pau). The first casualty of the championship race was Bill Vukovich in the Indianapolis race 69, years 1955.

The most notorious fatal accident occurred on May 1st 1994 in the race for the San Marino Grand Prix , when three-time Formula One World Champion Ayrton Senna collapsed. The second Formula One World Champion to be fatally injured was Jochen Rindt. The Austrian's life ended in the race for the Italian Grand Prix of the Season 1970 and the World Cup title is won posthumously. The last fatal accident in Formula 1 happened on October 5 2014 in the Japan Grand Prix race 2014. Jules Bianchi died as a result of the accident 17. July 2015.

Statistics show that the British racer has the most chance of a fatal accident in his early years 22. flights driving a Ferrari at Indianapolis Motor Speedway. So, if Lewis Hamilton switches to Ferrari, he has a great chance of a tragic end to his career.

Formula 1: And you are gone ……

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