(Motorsport-Total.com) – Charles Leclerc has coped well with the switch from Sauber / Alfa Romeo to the Ferrari factory team. The 08 *************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************** “I am pleased with how the first half of the season has come to my side,” says Leclerc himself.

Charles Leclerc


Charles Leclerc was on the podium several times in the first half of the season Zoom Download

“Of course there were a few mistakes,” admits the Ferrari newbie. He has “learned” from these, he assures. Team Principal Mattia Binotto recalls: “Charles is driving his very first season for Ferrari, there is a lot of pressure, he has made some mistakes but he is very eager to learn and he does not want to repeat it, we are all very happy with his progress and how he joins the team. “

” At the beginning of the season, qualifying qualifying was one of my problems, “recalls Leclerc. Although he was in the pole position in Bahrain, but otherwise he landed on Saturday mostly behind Vettel. There were also mistakes like in Baku, where he was the pole favorite in qualifying, but in Q2 the car was thrown away.

Two big chances of victory missed , His race pace was also “pretty strong” from the start. “There are definitely some things I can do to improve, it will be like this until the end of my career, you can always improve,” explains Leclerc.

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In the World Cup points behind Vettel. This is partly due to the fact that at the beginning of the season a stable directorate was pronounced several times, which favored the Germans. On the other Leclerc made his own mistakes as in his failures in Monaco and Hockenheim or just said qualifying in Baku. (********************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************) The biggest opportunity came for the (************************************************) – year old in Bahrain However, where he was braked in the lead by a problem on his engine. He had another opportunity in Spielberg, where he was caught by Max Verstappen in the final laps and finished second with his best result of the season. But he does not want to regret this possibility.

Ferrari a “dream”, but also more work

Leclerc prefers to look into the future, which is why he is hard on himself after mistakes like in Baku or Hockenheim goes to court . For him it is “the best way” to deal with it. Other drivers often searched for excuses, “when you make a mistake.” But Leclerc makes it clear: “I'm not like that.” It is about standing by his mistakes, analyzing them and being “honest with himself.”

Charles Leclerc


Leclerc also made some mistakes – like at the race in Hockenheim Zoom Download

The pressure “I honestly do not feel” addressed by Binotto, Leclerc is quite relaxed. For him, it is primarily a “dream” to drive for Ferrari. “I did not know what to expect until the first race, but I have the feeling everything went pretty well and I feel very comfortable in the team, they have been very well received,” he says.

“But it is also much more work,” he clarifies. Compared to his season to do a lot more employees in the team. “That was the biggest challenge for me,” he admits, explaining that he still needs a little more time to settle into the team. “It's both ways,” he explains.

Leclerc with more experience even better?

“I learn to work with them and they also learn how to work with me,” says Leclerc. For example, it's about his crew understanding even better what things he prefers to set-up. This is still a point where Leclerc still sees himself in the air. “That comes with the experience,” he explains, revealing that it “gets better from race to race.”

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He also had to understand the car a little better. Overall, he has the feeling that it is going in the right direction. He currently spends the summer break in Greece, “to recharge the batteries for spa,” as he says himself. The circuit in Belgium is valid as well as the following race in Monza as a track, 10.

Two good chances for Leclerc so, (*********************************************************************) but still to get his first victory in Formula 1. And should he be able to reduce his error rate in the second half of the season a little without losing his speed, it should be the bottom line, a successful first year at Ferrari for him – in doubt, even without a victory.

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