(Motorsport-Total.com) – For years Racing Point – or predecessor Force India – fought with limited financial resources at the front in midfield. The financial situation has changed as a result of the acquisition by Lawrence Stroll and Co. significantly improved. The sporting results, however, have become worse. In the World Cup you are only on eighth place for the summer break.

Lance Stroll


Racing Point did not run in the first half of the season Zoom


For comparison: Since However, although the results do not currently fit, team boss Otmar Szafnauer rates the first twelve months as “quite positive” among the new owners, stating, “On the financial side, we are now much better off.” This opens up new possibilities for the team

Big updates like for example the B version of the RP

would have been impossible in the past, “explains Szafnauer. That the results He argues that there is a “delay” between the financial and the actual situation. Although you have a clear plan, but this needs “some time”.

New factory and Co .: Racing Point looks to the future

People. This is not a major change in the staff, because it's just time needs, “he calls an example. In addition, behind the scenes is currently working mainly on the future of the racing team. Among other things, a (**********************************************************************************************************************************************************************)

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“We should have all the necessary permits in the second half of the year,” Szafnauer announced , This should be the case “before Christmas”, so that the construction as planned in the first half of the year 2020 can start. Before that, they also wanted to wait for the new rules for the season These will also have “an influence on what we build,” says Szafnauer.

But you also want to work on the current sporting situation. How weak the results were in the first half of the season is shown by a look at the results of Sergio Perez. “I got off to a good start in the season, I drove pretty well, made no mistakes and got the most out of the car's potential,” said the Mexican, who scored in three of the first four races. However, nothing went together with him since Barcelona, ​​he has remained in eight races in a row without points. This has never been Perez in his entire career since happens. “That was not my best series,” he (*****************************************************************************************) – year-old. At the same time, however, he emphasizes that during this period he only crashes in his crash in Hockenheim made a mistake. “I have to take responsibility for that,” says Perez.



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In the other seven races, it was just not possible anymore. Meanwhile, team-mate Lance Stroll scored four times, including dusting fourth place in the Chaos race at Hockenheim and giving Racing Point a the best result of the season . “Overall, there are many positive things I [in die Sommerpause] can take with me,” Perez explains anyway.

“I expect to have a very strong second half of the season,” there the mexican optimistic. He hopes the RP updates (*********************************************************************************) and he explains with regard to the goals for the coming months: “If we improve enough and have good races, then I think we have to go for 'Best of the Rest'. [hinter den drei Topteams] can fight. “

If that succeeds, then you could still win some places in the World Cup. In the narrow midfield only twelve points are missing in fifth place.

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