Prominent Formula One engineer and team leader Pat Symonds has ensured that the front and rear wings are in season 2021, despite the return of the floor effect, remains part of the Formula 1 car.

Formula 1 and the FIA ​​have tested in a Suaber wind tunnel currently used by the Alfa Romeo team a racing model that meets the technical rules that will come into force in the Formula One season, including 18 thumb tires.

A technical team led by Pat Symonds and Nikolas Tombazis tested the new car before the German GP race, and according to initial results, the impact of turbulent air generated at the rear of the car is expected to decrease by 40%, which also impressed Symonds.

The British engineer spoke about the test results for the Formula One official site.

“With the configuration we have at the moment, the results are just amazing and have surprised us too. The results have exceeded all our goals we set at the beginning of the project. “

At the same time, Symonds declined to allow the car crew to develop their car without the front and rear wings due to the return of the floor effect.

“We all remember a time when the cars underneath generated tremendous downforce, and teams developed racing with virtually no wings. I don't think we want to go back to this period. Recent research has shown that the wings are very important despite the floor effect and I can guarantee that they will be seen on the F1 cars for years 2021. “

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