Former Ferrari racer Gerhard Berger believes that after the arrival of Charles Leclerc in Maranell, Sebastian Vettel is no longer feeling as well as before, and is consequently unable to give his maximum.

Berger thinks Vettl is wasting time to win a championship with Ferrari, which is Germany's big goal. The former Maranell team racer does not rule out the possibility that the four-time world champion would subsequently decide to retire early.

“Vettl is slowly wasting time to bring the coveted laurel to Ferrari. It could just happen that he would decide to terminate his contract and retire. Sebastian needs to feel accepted into the team and work in a comfortable and relaxed atmosphere. He is currently seen suffering and reminds me of the year 2014 when Daniel Ricciardo came to Red Bull. After Leclerc's arrival, he has to prove that he is still the first racer and, as a result, many mistakes occur. Seb's way of working is very similar to Schumacher's, but may not be so direct in the requirements of the right staffing solutions. “

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