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The Formula One World Cup has been going on since 590 when they conferred the first World Title on Giuseppe Farina. The first driver to win multiple titles was Alberto Ascari in years

and 1951. Drivers followed, which also surpassed that record and won three, four, five or even seven titles. Each of them carries his own story and each made his way to the top. We'll take a look at who these world champions and racing legends were.

Michael Schumacher and his seven World Champion titles reign at the top of the list of the most successful Formula One racers. Currently, Lewis Hamilton has the most chances of getting close to him as he has been stringing a win-win and title-by-title in recent years.

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All racers who have become World Champions in Formula One history are:


The youngest world champion was Sebastian Vettel, years 2010 when he was old 10 flight and 23 days. Just a few days older than Lewis Hamilton, years old 2006 when he had 10 flight and 134 days. The world champions were also some drivers who already celebrated their 18. Birthday. These were Juan Manuel Fangio, Giuseppe Farina and Jack Brabham.

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Looking at the most successful countries and the racers they represented, we find the following:

  • Most of the world champions come from the UK, ten. Together they won 11 titles: Hamilton (5), Stewart (3), Clark (2) , G. Hill (2) and Hawthorn (1), Button (1), Surtees (1), Hunt (1), Mansell (1) and D. Hill (1).
  • Germany has three world champions in terms of titles, but thanks to Schumacher and Vettl, it has a combined total of Race titles: Schumacher (7), Vettel (4) and Rosberg (1).
  • The three racers who have won the title also have in Brazil: Senna (3), Piquet (3) and Fittipaldi (2). The same is true in Finland, where Räikkönen (1), Häkkinen (2) and Rosberg (1) have won world titles.
  • Two world champions each have Australia: Brabham (3), Jones (1), Austria: Rindt (1), Lauda (3), Italy : Farina (1), Ascari (2) and USA: Andretti (1), P. Hill (1).
  • Formula One World Champion countries are: Argentina: Fangio (5), France: Pro (4), Spain: Alonso (2), New Zealand: Hulme (1), South Africa: Scheckter (1) and Canada: Villeneuve (1).

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