(Motorsport-Total.com) – George Russell is the only Formula 1 driver who could not enter a championship point this season. The Briton feels in the Williams team back to his early years in the Formula 3 European Championship. Already That was almost “ridiculous”.

George Russell


Russell finds it almost “ridiculous” that Mercedes has been loyal to him Zoom Download

Russell came after two extremely successful years in the GP3 (champion 2018) and in Formula 2 (champion 2017) in the Williams team. In his rookie year he was able to show with some strong performance, such as in the Hungarian qualifying, but he remained so far still spotless.

Even before his march in the junior categories experienced today “My two years in Formula 3 have been very challenging, and especially in the first year, they are very character building to put it that way,” he tells Motorsport-Total.com.

These bad ones Experience has helped him in the years to come, he explains. After the sixth overall ranking (*****************************************************************************************************) Third place. “I was very naive, I thought I was doing everything right, only the team did not know what it was talking about.”

“I did not make enough effort to get the car to mine I've done a lot wrong, “he says in hindsight. “I learned a lot for (******************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************) At the time, Russell was on the starting line for Hitech, a new team. “I thought that I would have delivered very well this year. In Nevertheless, he was only third in the standings. “Lance was superior to us all.”

(**********************************************************************************************************************************) Formula 1

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The Mercedes deal he could finally justify with his championship titles in the GP3 and Formula 2 in the following years. As a rookie of the Silver Arrows, he has now been with Williams for several years.

Russell hopes that he can impress Mercedes again with his performances, as he did in Formula 3 Has. “The fact that Mercedes signed me, even though I was only third in my second Formula 3 year, has testified a lot.”

It was almost “ridiculous”, like the formula -3 European Championship run for him. He is convinced, “If Mercedes thinks I'm a future Formula 1 driver after winning just two races in Formula 3, that shows that results alone will not tell the whole story.”

He was very grateful that Mercedes had supported him over all these years. “You see the reality behind all this.” In some aspects, one can compare his Formula 3 years with his time now at Williams.

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