Who is the best racer in Formula One history – An eternal question that always upsets Formula One fans and has no clear answer. Restaurant debates are usually trivial in nature and do not have a conclusion, as each is thinking his or her own, essentially driven by emotions and his own feelings gained through the TV screen. It is precisely because of these feelings that the viewer develops through television that it is essential for the television commentator to convey as much correct information as possible to the viewers.

Especially at this point, TV3 is on a full line, providing Slovenian viewers with information that comes from a misunderstanding of Formula 1. As a result, there is too much discrepancy between commenting and actually racing on the TV screen. There is confusion that wraps up the wadding of comic cartridges. They also make commercials that evoke viewers of the important events in the races. However, to keep it full, there is also the wrong information, which is broadcast on TV3 p (r) as hot earth.

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Selecting the Best Racer – ELO Rating

The elo rating, which most people know from chess, is increasingly used in other sports. It was recently used by the fivethirtyeight portal for its analysis. Right before the analysis, they say that the average racing ELO is 1500 points and that all races not completed by the racers are not included in the analysis. In addition, the ELO value in this case is measured in conjunction with the racer, as it is impossible to distinguish the racer result from the car through the numbers. Many people have already rolled their eyes at this point, but let's take a closer look.

Highest ELO value or highest score in the analysis was scored by Nigel Mansell and his Williams-Renault FW 14 B . According to their analysis, this is the most dominant pair in Formula 1 racing history. In order to obtain more relevant information, the portal calculated the average ELO points of each racer over the course of their careers, reaching the following conclusions to identify the best racers:

1. Ayrton Senna: Average ELO 2178 points

2. Michael Schumacher: Average ELO 2106 points

3. Lewis Hamilton: Average ELO 2060 points.

Choosing the Best Racer – F1metrics

Portal F1metrics , which has been much involved in the “ppr” or “points per race” method in recent years (race points for each race), he has a problem with scoring from the beginning, since the scoring in Formula 1 has changed a lot. Thus, prior to the analysis, they ensure that the model is mathematically aligned and that their selection does not compare racers between their first and best season and excludes all DNF deviations of racers caused by mechanical failures of racers. Likewise, their model does not recognize the team commands that influenced the race and the mistakes that the racers themselves caused while racing. Another interesting feature is that the portal compares all racers, not just world champions, and takes as its basis the three best years of each racer.

The portal names the following three drivers as the best of all time:

1. Jim Clark (1962 – 1695)

2. Jackie Stewart (1969 – 1964)

3. Fernando Alonso (2012 – 2014)

Choosing the best racer – University of Sheffield

Professor , Professor , also added his findings when choosing the best racer in Formula 1 history. Andrew Bell from Sheffield University. In his research, he used a method of comparing two racers – the teammate he or she competed for and the competitiveness of the racer. Even this selection does not produce the most human results:

1. Juan Manuel Fangio

2. Alain Prost

3. Michael Schumacher – No three seasons racing at Mercedes during the years 2010 – 2012, where its status was statistically quite corrupt; Considering those results, Schumacher would have finished eighth and Jim Clark would have finished third.

Selection of the best Formula One racers

In fact, racers are the ones who know best what everyone has to experience and overcome during their careers in order to swing onto the race throne. The only minor problem is that Formula 1 is changing year by year and, after twenty years of development, is practically a completely different sport. All racers (or at least the vast majority of them) emphasize a single name in one voice: Ayrton Senna . This is logical, too, since Senna is nailed to every wall of every team and always gets media attention, even if he has not been with us for a long time. Many of the current Formula One racers have even been inspired by Senna to race at a young age, which is why he turns the wheel on the sport today. As for other cities, opinions are quickly divided on racers, which is also logical, since Hamilton, Alonso, Vettel and many others rightly assume that he himself occupies the city at Ayrton.

Adrian Newey and Ayrton Senna

Who is the most successful Formula One racer of all time?

Author's Choice

If I had to choose the top three Formula One racers myself, I would probably pick the three that characterized Formula 1 as it evolved into a global spectacle, while also representing its contemporary part. Undoubtedly, unprotected racers, with manual transmissions and black-and-white TVs, are true heroes and many of them deserve a place on the highest podium, but I think the development of racers has improved so much over the years that modern racers are the ones who drive the fastest racing cars in its history.

If at times much of it was dependent on physical strength and a naked sense of cornering, today there is tremendous psychological pressure on the racer through the global level. Racers are expecting brutal G forces in racing, and a racer needs a lot of technical knowledge to race fast. Equally, the competition of racers is the strongest in Formula One history, and differences are often measured in the dozens. Through this prism of perception of Formula 1, Lewis Hamilton has no competition. But still, my pick of the best is this:

1. Ayrton Senna – Definitely the father of all modern racers. His arrival in Formula 1 brought professionalism to the racer. If, prior to his arrival in the sport, racers were considered alcoholics, consumers and women who could have lost their lives tomorrow, everything changed with Senna's arrival and turned upside down. His complete dedication to racing could have meant a shameful race weekend for any racer, even if you were writing Prost. Senna began to fully professionalize the racer and indirectly pressured the organizers to drastically improve the safety of the sport. With all of this, he displayed extraordinary speed and racing intelligence, raising the whole of Formula 1 and making it the queen of global motorsport.

2. Michael Schumacher – It's impossible not to have a statistically successful runner of all time on such a scale. Yes, statistics are the biggest lie, but Schumacher, often with controversial driving and subjugating teammates, produced results. Results that can be shown and results that the team can sell. The results that ultimately lead you to such scales. That's why racehorses are in teams and that's exactly what is expected of them. Schumacher has moved the statistical slats to new dimensions and upgraded the idea of ​​Senna, which is a modern Formula One racer without neglecting the fact that he has had some truly remarkable races.

3. Kimi Räikkönen – Of course, there are many better runners than Kimi, but not only that, there are also much faster runners. Not only on the list of the best of all time, but also in the current Formula One racing set, you would find at least a dozen equally fast (or even faster) racers. So what does Kimi Räikkönen do on this scale? I listed it for a simple reason. His talent is one that enables him to live his dream even in this extremely challenging racing environment. Even though he is not the greatest pimp or politician on the team, he has always managed to move forward with his talent. And this is exactly the ingredient we are looking for among the three largest. Talent cannot be bought or made. You bring this with you, and Kimi Räikkönen is the last Formula One racer to go beyond the Formula One Doctor's Surgical and Racing training classes, subject to the craziest requirements. When Kimi was testing with McLarn at Dr. Akiyu Hintsi, who later compared him to the best racers (Hamilton, Alonso, Button), declared him the greatest natural talent to ever ride in Formula 1. Of course, these guys did better on average through tests, but when it came to tests of natural racing preferences, Kimi had no competition.

Even though he is not the greatest player or politician on the team, Kimi Raikkonen has always managed to keep up with his talent. And that's exactly the ingredient we are looking for among the top three.

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