The FIA ​​has decided not to open an investigation against Mercedes and Lewis Hamilton despite suspected breach of factory work during the summer break.

The interest of the FIE commissioners was aroused by the comments made by Lewis Hamilton at a press conference before the Belgian GP, ​​which could raise suspicion that Mercedes had breached a rule requiring teams to be banned from working in factories during the summer break.

Hamilton said at a press conference:

We've had quite a few conversations with the team, which we don't normally do during the summer break, but it's very important to analyze in which areas we can improve.

The British Commissioners immediately aroused the interest of the FIA, which decided not to open a formal investigation against Mercedes, as the Commissioners were satisfied with the explanation given by the Mercedes team.

Lewis talked about the week just after the end of the race to Hungary, when he had already begun his summer vacation himself, and the team could work until Friday, when we had to officially close the factory.

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