(Motorsport-Total.com) – Not only Mercedes and Honda, also the French engine manufacturer Renault has brought in time for the start of the second half of the season a new stage of the drive to the track. However, the Spec C also ensures that both Nico Hülkenberg and Daniel Ricciardo are set back on the grid. On Friday they were both and tenth .

Daniel Ricciardo


Ricciardo and Hulkenberg on Friday with a new engine on the way Zoom Download

The introduction of the new engine upgrade can be seen as a response to the disappointing first half of the season. With small improvements in reliability and performance, the team wants to fight back stronger. McLaren's Carlos Sainz will also be using the new Spec C at Spa.

“Danny and I will have to swallow the bitter pill this weekend, we know how tight the midfield is, the So it does not make it any easier, but I will not lie: We will attack and get the best out of it “, Hulkenberg says aggressively.

Motor am Friday not yet “turned”

The German admits, however, that he has not really noticed much of the new engine, you have not yet really “turned up”. He does not expect a “big change”. Ricciardo adds that so far everything went “smoothly” with the new drive. He was “quite satisfied” with it.

Hülkenberg does not want to answer what is possible on Friday. After the third training the picture is usually clearer. On Friday he made it to the square on the Ferrari-best time and four-tenths on Ricciardo.

The Australian is with his prognosis already clear: He can imagine to get into the Q3. “I think we will try to qualify as far as possible to limit the damage.” Because he will be added as well as Hülkenberg and Sainz five places on top. ( To the engine overview! )

(************************************************************************) Belgian Grand Prix – Technique (**************************************************************************)

After qualifying in Belgium is secondary to both , the team has already focused a bit on the long run. But he was “not feeling well,” Hülkenberg admits honestly. From the second attempt the R.S. “We had quite a few problems with the balance and the feeling with the grip.”

According to official analysis of Liberty Media, Renault is mainly behind the straights ( 0.6 seconds in comparison to Ferrari) and the fast corners ( 0,4). The race pace is rated 1.4 seconds behind the leader Mercedes, so the French are behind Racing Point in fifth place.

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