To the great disappointment of many Dutch fans, Max Verstappen finished the race for the Belgian GP, ​​after colliding with Kimmy Raikkonen in the first round, and the Red Bull racer believes that Finec has overlooked him.

After a poor start, Verstappen wanted to quickly make up for the loss, and the Dutchman was already knocked into the side of the car by Kimmy Raikkonen in the first corner, severely injuring his Red Bull.

After resigning in the first round of the race in Belgium, Verstappen said:

“I'm disappointed, but things like that happen in racing. I don't think Kimi saw me, as he didn't expect me to be there when he made the first bend. I am sorry mainly for the many fans who came to this race. Quitting in the first round is painful, but sometimes it is. ”

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