Ferrari is on 13. However, this season's race was the first victory for Charles Leclerc for the Maranell team. Scuderia's first win of the season 2019 was also enthusiastically promoted by the Italian media, who were critical of Ferrari in the recent period.

The Italian press enthusiastically celebrated Charles Leclerc's first F1 win on Monday, and the Italian public is already eagerly awaiting the upcoming Monza race.

The Gazzetta dello Sport highlighted, in particular, the outstanding performance of young Charles Leclerc:

Super Leclerc wins with Vettel's help. Ferrari is already dreaming of Monza, where he has not achieved victory since 2010 when he celebrated with Fernando Alonso in a red car.

At Corriere Della Sera, however, they are convinced that the first win of the season could be a pretext for the rebirth of the Italian team.

Leclerc used his head and heart to win Belgium, joining the Formula One Champions with glory in Spa. The first Ferrari victory of the season is well deserved and is the start of a red team rebirth.

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