After the race for the Belgian GP, ​​the boss of Alfa Romeo was extremely critical of Max Verstappen's maneuver, which collided with Kimmy Raikkonen in La Sourco, severely damaging Finch's car.

After a poor start, Verstappen wanted to quickly make up for the loss, and the Dutchman in the first corner collided into the side of the car with Kimmy Raikkonen, severely damaging both his and Raikkonen's car.

Unlike Verstappen, Raikkonen was able to continue the race, but the Finn had no chance of a good result due to his badly damaged car.

After the race, Verstapp's racing was sharply criticized by Alfa Romeo team boss Fred Vasseur:

“I don't know what happened to Verstappen, but it came out of nowhere. At the brake, he was even behind Perez. In the first bend, he tried to overtake two cars, which is stupid. The Spa Trail offers many opportunities for overtaking and you could wait for another bend. Spa is not Monaco or Budapest, where you have to get the maximum number of places at the start. Kimmy's car was nearly destroyed as we were halfway through. The race was, for us, more or less completed in just a few meters. ”

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