The young Alfa Romeo racer Juan Manuel Correa, who collided violently with the tragically deceased Anthoin Hubert in Saturday's race, continues his recovery at Lieg Hospital. According to the latest information, Correa is in stable condition and is aware that his racing counterpart has lost the fight for life.

On leaving the Eua Rouge, the tragically deceased Hubert lost control of his race car, collided with a guardrail, then accelerated into it for more than 300 kilometers. an hour later collided with Correa, who is still in hospital and undergoing intensive care. The young Ecuadorian racer was immediately rushed to the hospital by helicopter and was conscious throughout the transport.

Correa suffered multiple bone fractures in both legs and a minor spine fracture. The FIA ​​has officially confirmed that his medical condition is stable and the young racer, who has undergone several surgeries, is recovering from intensive care. As soon as possible, they will transport Correo to the US, where the racer will continue to recover.

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