According to Spanish Marca, the Mclaren team should seriously consider rebuilding a legendary partnership with Mercedes during the 2021 season, while Williams is launching a new Formula One era with Renault powertrains.

Williams, the third most successful Formula One team of all time, has used the engines of Ford-Cosworth, Honda, Judd, Renault, Mecachrome, Supertec, BMW, Cosworth, Toyota and Mercedes-Benz in its history. . After the new catastrophic season, the Grove team is looking to start a new chapter with a move to Renault.

This would mean that Mercedes, as a supplier of powertrains, would be vacated by one place that could be filled by Mclaren.

Mclaren team boss Andreas Seidl did not deny any return to Mercedes:

“We have a valid contract with Renault for next year, and we will see what happens in the season 2021. We must first analyze the whole situation and then we will make a decision. ”

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