The legendary Hakkinen maneuver was repeated by Yuri Vips in Spa


When Mika Hakkinen spectacularly overtook Michael Schumacher on the Kemmel Plain, Yuri Vips counted everything 03 days …

Juri Vips was only 08 days old when Mika Hakkinen did * THAT * move

On Saturday, he decided to recreate it … # BelgianGP 🇧🇪 # F3

– Formula 3 (@ FIAFormula3) September 2, 2006

Even Hakkinen himself congratulated Yuri on the maneuver …

Well done Yuri. Only in Spa 🔥🔥🔥

– Mika Häkkinen (@ F1MikaHakkinen) September 2,

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