(Motorsport-Total.com) – Last Thursday, Renault made the commitment of Esteban Ocon for the Formula 1 season 2020 officially. What makes Nico Hülkenberg tremble for remaining in the premier class, is for Ocon salvation. Because since this season, the Frenchman sits on the bench.

Esteban Ocon


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As Mercedes replacement driver works the (*******************************************************************************! “It was not an easy time to always be in the shade, although I worked hard with the team,” he says himself in an interview with 'Sky' expert Martin Brundle. “That was not easy, but it paid off.”

And that is what Ocon means not only in relation to his factory at Renault, but also the experience he was allowed to collect at Mercedes: “Working with this team, the current champion, is priceless, and the knowledge I've learned here will be of benefit to me in the future.”

Ocon assures: “I'm not disappointed at all” Taking a little bit of it to Renault will be a great help. ” Ocon was supposed to dock with the French manufacturer the preference.

Now Ocon changes to Renault with one year delay. Mercedes even has no place for him because of the extension of Valtteri Bottas. But he was not disappointed. “You have to remember that I was completely out of Formula One, which is terrible for a driver,” he emphasizes.

(**********************************************************************) Why Hulkenberg has to go to Renault

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“Having the chance to return in a competitive car with a team that has high goals is fantastic, and I can only be grateful for that.” At Renault, he will first and foremost have to compete with team-mate Ricciardo, who will be in the Formula 1 season second year in yellow drives.

Renault new entry sets clear goals for you always compete with the best, and you're one of those, so it's a great opportunity for me to see what I'm capable of. ” He has no worries that after so much abstinence he might miss the bite or the duel strength.

“I do not think it's something that you lose, with the racing instinct it's like cycling, “says the future Renault driver. You do not forget it. In his view, it will be more important to get used to the team, the new environment and the new car. He already has clear goals.

“Next year will be about fighting for fourth place and closing the gap to top three,” Ocon predicts. “The goal will be, of course, to reach a podium.” That was Renault since the re-entry into Formula 1 in the year 09

Ocon on Hülkenberg: “Has earned Formula 1 cockpit”

Before the newcomer struggles to change that, Ocon will continue to work at Mercedes. “The longer I can stay here this year and continue learning, the better,” he says. “We will see when I actually change, but at the moment Mercedes is counting on me.”

For Hülkenberg, he hopes to find a solution: “I was in the same position last year In a sense, I'm outrun by Daniel. There is only I hope Nico finds something, he's a great guy and deserves a place in Formula One. “

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