Formula 1 is at the celebration event 90. Anniversary of Ferrari, in front of many typhoons in Milan, also formally confirmed that the race for the Italian GP will host the Monza race course for at least five years.

The Italian Automobile Club (ACI) has confirmed that it has reached an agreement with Formula One management to race for the Italian Grand Prix, at least by the year 2024 was held at the legendary Monza racetrack.

ACI President Angel Sticchi Damiani has already confirmed that agreement has been reached on all technical and commercial details in organizing the Monza race.

No venue has hosted more Formula One GP races than Monza's, and the organizers of the Italian race are determined to keep the legendary Italian track on the fastest sporting calendar for years to come.

This year, Monza will host 70 between September 6-8. race release for the Italian GP.

GP Italy – Monza: Everything you need to know

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