(Motorsport-Total.com) – Eight races before the end of the Formula 1 season Toro Rosso takes a strong fifth place in the Constructors' Championship

Daniil Kwjat


In Spa Toro Rosso failed with both pilots in Q1 on Advance Zoom Download

Next to the customer teams From Mercedes (Racing Point and Williams) and Ferrari (Alfa Romeo and Haas), Red Bull's Honda-fueled B-team is also managing the Renault factory team on points.

But with that Keeping it that way and Toro Rosso can hold the strong World Cup placings, Daniil Kwjat says, “We have to improve in the qualifying sessions.” Problems like last may not happen if we want to score more points . “


Daniil Kwjat and a race engineer agree what they DO NOT want to exchange via radio at the Italian Grand Prix More Formula 1 videos

Kwjat alludes to the fact that he won the Belgian Grand Prix in Spa had to tackle the end of the field last weekend. The reason was not least a grid penalty for new drive components. But also from the tempo the STR

Both Kwjat and team-mate Pierre Gasly failed at the Q2 hurdle. The race was much better in the race. Kwjat finished seventh and Gasly finished ninth. But the Russian warns: “We can not count on the temperatures to meet us every time.”

The fact that the required improvement in qualifying could possibly even endanger the currently fourth placed McLaren team However, Kwjat does not believe, “Focusing on her would be too optimistic, you've been doing well all year long, and now you've had an outlier, but we know how strong they can be.”

Pierre Gasly, Daniil Kwjat


Gasly and Kwjat: Rosso, but first as a teammate (***********************************************************************) Download

By the way, Kwjat and Gasly were team-mates for the first time last weekend. The Frenchman had once replaced the Russian in autumn When Kwjat returned to Toro Rosso at the start of the season Toro Rosso completes the season with two returnees.

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