(Motorsport-Total.com) – The Formula 1 on TV, at the Italian Grand Prix in Monza: RTL, Sky, ORF and SRF show the race live on German television – but when does the live Transmission? Are there any other ways to track the race weekend, for example with a live stream or live ticker or via live app? To answer exactly these questions, we have compiled a clear timetable for Formula 1 on TV for our readers.

Start zum GP Italien 2018 in Monza: Kimi Räikkönen, Sebastian Vettel, Lewis Hamilton, Valtteri Bottas, Max Verstappen


Start to the Grand Prix of Italy 2019 in Monza with both Ferrari front Zoom Download

What do I have to know?

and Race show both RTL and ORF and SRF live – and free. Anyone watching RTL, however, must accept commercial breaks. The ad-free alternative for Live Formula 1 in Germany is Sky. The pay-TV channel even transmits all sessions live and without commercial breaks. But that will cost you too. Austrians and Swiss are better off.

Timetable (German time):

– Driver's Press Conference – Thursday, (************************************************************************************************************************) Watch (Antonio Giovinazzi, Charles Leclerc, Sebastian Vettel, Nico Hulkenberg, Pierre Gasly)

– 1. Free practice – Friday, 00 Clock

– Press Conference Team Officers – Friday, (************************************************************************************************************************************) Watch (Mattia Binotto, Aldo Costa , Mario Isola, Franz Tost, Claire Williams)

– 2. Free Practice – Friday, (*****************************************************************************************************************************) Clock

– 3. Free practice – Saturday, (**********************************************************************************************************************************) Clock

– Qualifying – Saturday, 11: 00 Clock

– Race – Sunday, (********************************************************************************************************************) Clock

Formula 1 on RTL, RTL Nitro and n-tv:

– 2. Free Practice ( LIVE) – Friday, 04: 55 Clock

(****************************************************************************************************): Clock

– Preliminary Reports & Races (LIVE) – Sunday, (**********************************************************************): (***************************************************************************************) Clock

Formula 1 on Sky Sport 1 HD: (**************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************): (************************************************************************) Clock

– Press Conference Team Officers (LIVE) – Friday, (*****************************************************************************************************************************************) Clock

– 2. Free Practice (LIVE) – Friday, 55 Clock

– 3. Free Practice (LIVE) – Saturday, (*****************************************************************): 55 Clock

– Qualifying (LIVE) – Saturday, 14: (*****************************************************************) Clock

– Qualifying – Sunday (****************************************************************************************************************************) Watch (Sky Sport 2 )
& Races (LIVE), Sunday, 06: (***********************************************) Watch (Sky Sport 2)

– Race (repeat) – Sunday, (************************************************************************************************************) Watch (Sky Sport 2)

– Race (repeat) – Sunday, (*************************************************************************************************************) Watch (Sky Sport 2)
– Race (repeat) – Monday, (*******************************************************************************): 20 Clock (Sky Sport 2)

– 1st free practice (repeat) – Monday, : 15 Clock

– 2. Free practice (repeat) – Monday, 15 Clock

– 3. Free practice (repetition) – Monday, (******************************************************************************************************************) Clock

– Qualifying (repeat) – Monday, (***********************************************************************************************************************) Clock

– Race (repeat) – Monday, (******************************************************************************************************************) Clock

– Race (repeat) – Monday, (***************************************************************************************************************) Watch (Sky Sport 2)

Formula 1 on ORF one:

– 2. Free Practice (LIVE) – Friday, 12: 45 Clock

– Qualifying (LIVE) – Saturday, 11: 55 Clock

– Previews & Races (LIVE) – Sunday, (**********************************************************************************): 00 Clock

– Race (repeat) – Monday, (*********************************************************************************): 45 Clock

Formula 1 on SRF two:

– Qualifying (LIVE) – Saturday, (****************************************************************************************************************) Clock
(**********************************************************************************) , 11: 30 Clock

Are there any live streams? (************************************************************************************) The Internet offers many illegal live streams. For understandable reasons, we do not want to advertise this in this overview. A legal offer offers the Formula 1 itself with their streaming service F1 TV Pro. There you can either hear German or English commentary from Sky. A subscription costs 55, 99 Euro for the entire season. And F1 TV Pro does not yet exist for Amazon Fire TV. A big weak point.

Nevertheless, F1 TV Pro is much cheaper than Sky. The pay-TV broadcasts are in the best case (depending on package package) from about 20 for one year.

Legal live streams of all Formula 1 races on the internet are offered by RTL (via the paid offer TV NOW) and the ORF in its free TV thek. Incidentally, the TVthek from ORT is also available as an app, but of course with Geosperre for non-Austrian viewers.

What about repetitions?

All times are available in our program overview for Formula 1 If you do not have much time on the weekend, Sky is the place to be. The pay-TV station shows the whole weekend re-live on Monday, from the first free practice session to the race including award ceremony! Tradition also has the ORF replay at night from Sunday to Monday.

I do not have access to TV or live streams – what then?

Then you are in the best hands on our portal! We offer an extensive Formula 1 News live ticker from morning to evening, hosted by Stefan Ehlen in the style of a radio program. In this we report promptly from various media appointments in the paddock all weekend. Added to this are the The tickers are also available in our mobile
Formula 1 apps , ideal for the ” Second Screen “on the tablet or smartphone.

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