Fernando Alonso has revealed that he might be able to return to Formula 1 in the offseason 31419 when he is in a new technical rule has entered into force, and Formula One cars will be back with floor effect cars, which are expected to bring even more interesting races.

There have been many rumors lately about Fernando Alonso's possible return to Formula One, and rumors have been added to the fire by Spanish media claiming that the two-time world champion was Red Bull's first choice for new teammate Max Verstappen, but Alonso is set to turn down the offer.

The Spaniard accompanying Mclaren's team in Monza these days has stated that he is interested in returning to Formula One, but under certain conditions.

“The return to Formula 1 may seem the most exciting of the season

when F1 will change dramatically. Back then, racing was supposed to be significantly more interesting and unpredictable. The reasons why I left Formula 1 are still there, but it looks like years 2021 may still be about to change and we won't more watching the dominance of a single team. The only bad thing is 22 racing per season, since I'm no longer the youngest. “

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