Charles Leclerc [Ferrari], with an outstanding performance, defended all Mercedes team attacks and celebrated his second consecutive win this season before the Monza Typhoons. Second place went to Valtteri Bottas [Mercedes] and third to Lewis Hamilton [Mercedes].

Leclerc defended all the attacks by Lewis Hamilton and Valtteri Bottas and brought Ferrari his first home win of the year 100 when he celebrated Fernando Alonso in Monza. Mercedes had to settle for second and third place, while Sebastian Vettel lost points after a serious mistake.

Daniel Ricciardo [Renault] finished in the top three, with a perfect French team result in fifth place by Nico Hulkenberg. Alexander Albon [Red Bull] took sixth and Sergio Perez [Racing Point] finished seventh.

Max Verstappen finished eighth after starting last place, with Antonio Giovinazzi [Alfa Romeo] and Lando Norris [Red Bull] top 10. .

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# ItalianGP ?? pic.twitter.com/ySidKLN6EC

– Formula 1 (@ F1) September 8, [Mclaren]

Charles Leclerc started off the pole position from the pole position, while Lewis Hamilton had a hard time defending Valtteri Bottas' attack. Nico Hulkenberg managed to overtake Sebastian Vettel in the first combination of turns, but the German easily returned to fourth place later

Max Verstappen, who was starting from the last starting position, was already in the first corner of the race to the rear of the car of Sergio Perez, and the Dutchman had to go in the first round to change the front wing.

In the seventh round of the race, Sebastian Vettel in the Ascari variant lost control of the rear of the car. The German first spun, then collided with Lance Stroll on his return to the track. Vettel had to get boxed up with a damaged front wing, which meant he fell completely at the start of the starting line.

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The German was then punished 10. seconds Stop & Go. Vettel was immediately taken to serve his sentence and is in 14. the circle was already behind the whole circle. At the same time, the commissioners awarded the boxing penalty to Lance Stroll, who obstructed Pierre Gasly on his return to the track.

LAP / 53

Vettel has been given a second stop and go penalty, for returning to the track in an unsafe manner # F1 # ItalianGP ?? pic.twitter.com/ tHVnTcKhsr

– Formula 1 (@ F1) September 8, 2019

Charles Leclerc took the lead with about a second ahead of both Mercedes racers. V 20. The boxing started with boxing by Lewis Hamilton, followed by the leading Leclerc. Monacan returned to the track ahead of Hamilton, but Mercedes decided on a softer tire.

Bottas continued without stopping, and Hamilton started attacking Leclerc with faster tires. The British attacked in another chicane, but Leclerc aggressively closed the door and Hamilton had to be extended to the exit zone.

LAP / 53

Leclerc and Hamilton overtake Hulkenberg

Hamilton then tries to overtake the Ferrari but runs out of room!

Leclerc is shown a black and white flag # F1

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V 28. The race was prematurely completed by Carlos Sainz, who was not sufficiently screwed into the front right tire by his mechanics in boxing. A lap later, Daniil Kvyat ended the race due to a failure of Honda's powertrain.

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– Mattzel 89 (@Mattzel ) September 8, 2019

Hamilton escalated the attacks on Leclerc, but Monacan shut down every British attempt. Valtteri Bottas quickly approached the leading pair with fresh tires and Mercedes decided to change positions of their racers and drop Bottas on the hunt for Leclerc.

Bottas tried, but by no means managed to get close to Ferrari in front of him.



Confirmation of @ Charles_Leclerc 's victory at Monza, with Mercedes completing the podium # F1 # ItalianGP

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– Formula 1 (@ F1) September 8, 2019

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