If Sebastian Vettel started the season as the undisputed first name of Ferrari, after the Monza race, we can almost certainly say that the power relations in Maranell are changing. Charles Leclerc steps to Formula One's throne with great strides, and Monza enthuses the new King Ferrari.

After Sleep, Leclerc won another classic in a row and proved himself capable of really big things. Young Monacan withstood the pressure of an army of typhoons and defended the attack by Mercedes' commander's desk, firing all cannon at him. Leclerc knew that Lewis Hamilton should not be left to stand on the track at all costs and repulsed all British attacks with excellence. Mercedes then sent Bottas into the fight, but the Finn this time was no match for the competitor of the young Monaco racer, who took Ferrari after the year 2010 when he celebrated in Monza Fernando Alonso wins home race again.

While Leclerc celebrated a glorious victory, Sebastian Vettel afforded a new big slip at the least opportune moment. After a completely unnecessary mistake, the German ran into Lance Stroll after a penalty 10. seconds, however, his race was practically over. At the end of the race, only Ferrari's leadership, led by President John Elkann, for the first time explicitly hinted that change was promised in Maranell, and Leclerc was slowly but steadily becoming Scuderie's first name.

Monza was taken by the Renault team for a pleasant surprise and proved that they really made a big step forward with the latest powertrain specification. Ricciardo and Hulkenberg gleamed on the long plains all weekend, and perhaps Remy Taffin's 1000 words. horsepower, though, is not just idle talk.

If Renault came up with a positive surprise, we can't say that for a Japanese Honda. The heavily anticipated fourth powertrain specification did not deliver the expected results, and even without Verstappen's punishment, Red Bull would have a hard time competing with Ferrari and Mercedes on the long Monza plains. The Red Bulls team is already eagerly awaiting Singapore, which should be much better suited to the RB car 15.

Charles Leclerc said a season ago that he wanted to celebrate with Ferrari in Monaco and Monza. Otherwise he failed to win the streets of Monte Carlo this year, but the classic twin that Leclerc won last week is an undeniable achievement that will put him in the history of Ferrari and Formula One.

Matej Plesey

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