Sebastian Vettel found himself in the commissioners' inquiries after qualifying, because in his only fast lap, in the back of the four-wheeler, he crossed the white line bounding the track.

The Germans were threatened with deleting time, which would mean starting the race with 10. the starting point. The commissioners eventually decided not to punish the Ferrari racer, but Vettel will retain the fourth place he won in qualifying.

The decision of the commissioners has received a lot of criticism in the Formula One caravan, as the FIA ​​has been relatively strict in punishing such offenses in the past.

Race director Michael Masi has revealed that the Ferrari racer avoided punishment because of little doubt, as commissioners could not confirm with certainty that the German had driven off the track with all four wheels.

“Most of the shots showed that Vettel was off the track with all four wheels, but in aerial shots it looked like he was off front right wheels however in contact with the white line. There was less doubt, which was enough to prevent the commissioners from opting for a penalty. “

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