Following the race for the Italian GP in Monza, Lewis Hamilton revealed that his mere thought of the World Champion convinced him not to run into Charles Leclerc at Sunday's fight.

Hamilton, who finished third in the Monza race, attacked leading Leclerc after boxing stops, and Monacan aggressively defended his position in the second chicane. Hamilton drove to the excursion zone and commissioners showed Leclerc a warning.

A leading World Cup racer admitted after the race that he did not want to risk a collision with Leclerc.

If I didn't have the World Cup title in mind, I would definitely run into Leclerc. It was really tight as he was very aggressive and went for millimeters. In my opinion, the commissioners did not follow the rules in force and gave Leclerc a little look through his fingers. Now I know that such things are allowed and I know how to act in the future.

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