The verbal fight between Max Verstappn and the World Champion of the Season has sprung up after the Belgian GP 2016 Nic Rosberg, who criticized the Dutchman for his “headless” run in the first lap of the Spa race.

After the race in Belgium, Rosberg said that in a first-round collision, Verstappen found himself an “old self,” and then criticized the Dutchman driving a damaged car.

Verstappen reacted sharply to Rosberg's words, comparing the German to controversial Jacques Villeneuve, and continued his verbal showdown in Monza a day later.

“Rosberg was not credible even as a driver and now is no different. I said it became the new Villeneuve, but in reality, Villeneuve is looking good right now. I don't know what the problem is. He recently said I was narcissistic, which is really disrespectful. I really don't understand why he does that. “

Nico Rosberg took a step back in Monza, claiming that he would be a little more cautious in his statements from now on.

“When I was still racing, criticizing former racers was incredibly nerve-wracking. In my case, this was usually David Coulthard. I like to do race analysis, but at the same time, I want to be respectful of all drivers. It hurts when my former racing colleagues criticize me so much. It may be time to change something and try to lower my tone slightly. “

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