(Motorsport-Total.com) – The emotional victory battle between Ferrari driver Charles Leclerc and Mercedes drivers Lewis Hamilton and Valtteri Bottas until the last lap of the race gave the TV stations strong ratings on Sunday. The German private broadcaster RTL can look forward to the second best season value, also the Austrian ORF is cheering.

Lewis Hamilton


Have more viewers than last year seen the Monza classic Zoom Download

On average, 5 million in Monza on RTL. This means an increase of (***********************************************************************************) Fans compared to last year. The market share was (**********************************************), 3 percent. This is the best rate for an Italian race since (********************************************************************************************************) ( The TV ratings in the overview! )

In the top even looked 5, This season RTL only managed a better average at the home race in Germany (5, (********************************************************************************************) million, , Only the “crime scene” and the “Tagesschau” had more spectators in front of the screens on Sunday.

In the young age group (14- to 49 – yearlings) were 1, (*************************************************) Million on RTL gathered in front of the screen, a good market share of (**********************************************************************), 8 percent. Followed by the pay station Sky (************************************************************************************************) Spectators of Charles Leclerc's second career success (2.8 percent). The market share in the young target group was four percent.

The Austrian, public ORF is also pleased about a strong result. On average we saw (***********************************************************************************************************) fans in the alpine republic too. The finish line even followed (*********************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************)

(********************************************************************) Rosberg: How Seb failed & Leclerc triumphed from Monza: Why the track is so special, what Sebastian Vettel wrong and Charles Leclerc did right More Formula 1 videos

Thus, the formula 1 on ORF one was the most popular format on Sunday, even before the prime time movie “Pirates of the Caribbean”. The broadcast lands in the top seventh, even before the “crime scene”. The market share of 10% is also considerable.

A total of 4 Viewers saw more in comparison to the previous year. The Italian quota also made it into the Top 3 of the year in Austria, only the races in Austria and Germany pursued even more fans.

At the racetrack on site, the organizers were allowed to record a record number look forward to visitors. The Tifosi came in droves: Overall (****************************************************************) Fans were counted by Liberty Media on the weekend. Alone on Sunday, around (*******************************************************************************. on start-finish with Leclerc the first Ferrari victory in Monza since 2013

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