Ferrari chief Mattia Binotto spoke to his driver Charles Leclerc after a magnificent victory in Monza by radio saying: “Perdonato” or “You are forgiven.”

Although he did not want to divulge details, after the race, Binotto admitted that his words were related to events from Saturday’s qualifying, when Leclerc had to offer his teammate  Sebastian Vettel a tow on a second qualification attempt but Monsque did not want to do it.

Vettel, who was greatly angered by the behavior of a teammate, said by qualifications:

In my first attempt, I was in front of Leclerc, which meant I was completely alone. I expected to be behind in the second push lap like we agreed. In the end, anyway, it didn’t matter, but the fact is that driving in the tow today was deciding the best starting position.

After the race, Binotto answered the question of what was about his words related to Charles Leclerc:

“It was about something that has been happening in the last days that we have talked about and what will remain between the three of us. So I wanted to tell him that he really did a great job on Sunday. We wanted to tell him he was exceptional. “

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