2016 F1 World Champion Nico Rosberg is convinced that the winner of the race for the Italian GP Charles Leclerc had good luck that he did not receive a penalty of five seconds due to aggressive detention of Lewis Hamilton.

Hamilton, who finished third in the Monza race, attacked the leading Leclerc after stops, while Monacan aggressively defended his position in the second chicane. Hamilton drove to excursion zone and stewards only showed Leclerc a warning

Rosberg is convinced that if the FIA stewards strictly adhered to the rules in force, Leclerc would undoubtedly receive penalty seconds.

“The rules are clear here. The racer should always leave the space of the car to his competitor, and if the commissioners had strictly obeyed the rules, they would be given a five-second penalty. On the other hand, Masi race director explained that following Vettel’s punishment in Canada, the teams themselves wanted a warning to be given to the racer in such cases first, and the FIA ​​did so. In my opinion, they made the right decision, but now it is imperative that they do the same in the future. ”

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