Former Michael Schumacher boss at Mercedes Nick Fry believes the Schumacher family should disclose to many Michael’s fans information about the health status of the seven-time Formula One World Champion.

Michael Schumacher’s medical condition has remained a closely guarded secret ever since the legendary racing driver 2013 crashed in the French Alps.

Nick Fry, who held the position of CEO of the team during Schumacher’s race for Mercedes, is convinced that fans deserve to know what’s going on with their hero.

“Corinna exercises very strict control over all information concerning Michael’s medical condition, which is a pity. There are millions of people in the world who have been Michael’s big fans and still stand by his side after all these years. I think at least basic information about Michael could be revealed. On the other hand, it would also help many people and families who have suffered similar injuries. The Schumacher family offers Michael up-to-date health care methods that may be unknown to a wider audience. “

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