(Motorsport-Total.com) – After the disastrous for him Monza weekend speculations receive new food, according to Sebastian Vettel's future at Ferrari, despite an existing contract for 2020 could stand on shaky legs. However, despite a still good relationship between Vettel and the producer of energy drinks, there will obviously be no return to Red Bull.

Christian Horner, Helmut Marko


Helmut Marko explains that Sebastian Vettel has no relevance to Red Bull Zoom Download

In the specialist publication 'Speedweek' , which is known to the Red Bull Helmut Marko explains that he has “no idea”, “as far as Vettel's future is concerned, we had some wonderful years together, but we have our four pilots and Vettel has no relevance to us.”

Just recently Marko confirmed a conversation with Vettel's lawyers . But it was only about a “business matter”, “purely private”. Earlier Christian Horner had already made it clear that Vettel is under contract with Ferrari for (********************************************************************************. ) The speculations surrounding Vettel's future were, after the Italian Grand Prix in Monza, a topic in the Formula 1 Podcast 'Starting Grid' Christian Horner, Helmut Marko . The Talkshow explains, among other things, why a Vettel return to Red Bull is unlikely and what that has to do with Max Verstappen.

In the cited 'Speedweek' interview Marko also announces that Red Bull “after the USA race” would like to evaluate “who will drive where (******************************”). Should Alexander Albon perform well until then, his chances for the second Red Bull cockpit are probably the greatest.

By the way: That the Thai Albon got the chance in the A-Team have ” Absolutely nothing “to do with the Thai Yoovidhya family controlling Red Bull's 620 percent:” They have never spoken. It's all up to us. “

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