Ferrari chief Mattia Binotto revealed in an interview with Gazzetto dello Sport that the F1 teams have reached an agreement on an additional Saturday sprint race that will determine the starting line for Sunday's race.

The planned redesign of the race weekend format, part of which would also be a Formula 2-style sprint race, was revealed by the fastest sporting technical chief Ross Brawn before the race in Belgium.

Ferrari chief Mattia Binotto confirmed in an interview with Gazzetto dello Sport that the teams had reached an agreement on an additional race:

“All teams, including us, said yes. It should happen next year. “

The format of a race weekend with three free trainings, qualifications and a race has remained unchanged for many years, and according to Ross Braun, F1 wants some changes in this area:

“In the coming year it would be very good to try some new things. The cars will remain more or less unchanged, allowing us a stable platform to experiment with the format of a race weekend. It would be very interesting to see how an additional sprint race would start with an inverted starting line, but at the same time we could change something in the format of qualifications and free training. ”

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