Former Formula One Mercedes boss Nick Fry is in his book Survive. Drive. Win ”revealed that Mercedes wanted to bring Nick Heidfeld first after Michael Schumacher left, while five-time world champion Lewis Hamilton was only the second choice for the silver arrow team.

Hamilton replaced legendary Michael Schumacher with Mercedes of the Year 2013, winning four World Championship titles for the team from Brackley in the coming years.

Nick Fry, who held the position of team CEO during Schumacher's race for Mercedes, revealed that Lewis Hamilton was not the first choice for Schumacher's replacement behind the wheel of a silver car.

“I myself was a supporter of Hamilton's arrival, but I certainly could not convince the Mercedes leadership that Lewis was the right choice. They have repeatedly sent us to look for alternatives. For whatever reason, we talked to racers like Nick Heidfeld who was extremely interested in racing for Mercedes. It even went so far as to constantly send me pictures of myself and my family and my dog, to attract my interest. ”

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