(Motorsport-Total.com) – With Charles Leclerc appearing to have crashed after two consecutive Formula One wins – at Spa and Monza – the other riders in the premier class have also noticed. Valtteri Bottas praises the skills and driving style of the Monegasque, who drives his first year at Ferrari and is already equal to Sebastian Vettel.

Charles Leclerc, Valtteri Bottas, Lewis Hamilton


Valtteri Bottas praises Charles Leclerc for his services Zoom Download

In Monza the youngster had to fight for victory because he was put under pressure by world champion Lewis Hamilton. Leclerc defended his first position with some hard maneuvers, kept in the last few rounds also Bottas on distance and drove so to the second career victory. But Leclerc was warned for a maneuver against Hamilton.

The resolute driving style of the Monegassen Bottas is very surprised: “I have seen only what I could observe from the cockpit and therefore have no idea what He drives really hard, but someone who leads, he does not want to give up his lead, he is a really strong rider for his young age, which is great “, so the Finn's words of praise. According to Bottas exactly this style of driving is necessary to succeed in a top team like Ferrari. In the battle against Leclerc Bottas has pulled in Monza the short straw, although the Mercedes driver had chances to win: “I wanted to achieve the best possible result and at half-time I believed in a victory.”

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For this, Mercedes has considered a strategy: “It was always the plan to drive a long stint to have a chance at the end, so it went, but me I did not want to be able to attack, I just wanted to get the maximum and win the race, which would have been different in no other case, “said Bottas about the Monza race.

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