(Motorsport-Total.com) – Sebastian Vettel is after his messy weekend in Monza in many observers of Formula 1 in the criticism. Not a few are now the view that Vettel lost his number 1 status at Ferrari to Charles Leclerc . Some even believe that Vettel's time in the premier class is about to end. However, Juan Pablo Montoya thinks Vettel can fight back once more.

Juan Pablo Montoya, Sebastian Vettel


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“I do not think it's a mental thing, it's more technical,” the former Formula One driver told Motorsport-Total.com, adding, “I think that he does not like something about the car or the tires this year, and Leclerc can better adapt to it. ” Therefore, Vettel does not feel well in the car and harder to drive the times of Leclerc.

The former Williams and McLaren driver explains: “If you with the Car is not happy and pushst, then mistakes happen. ” As in Monza, as Vettel turned first and when driving back on the track almost cleared Lance Stroll

. Montoya compares Vettel's current crisis with his own time at McLaren over the years 09 and (*******************************************************************************************************************!

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“[Das Auto] did different things than I was used to,” he recalls. Among other things, he had to change the way he brakes curves completely. “It's very complicated to change your driving style”, he knows from personal experience.

“If you change your driving style, then you can still be fast – but probably not as fast as before, “he explains. One recent example of such a case is Pierre Gasly. The Frenchman made it extremely difficult to get used to his new tool after his move from Toro Rosso to Red Bull. Meanwhile, he has already been taken back to Toro Rosso.


Why Sebastian Vettel is about to be barred

Sebastian Vettel is currently at nine penalty points. If he takes on three more in the next three races, he must suspend a race. (************************************************************) More Formula 1 videos (**************************************)

“To a certain extent, he has to [an das Auto] adapt, but it's very difficult to be fast in any other way, “Montoya says of Vettel, adding that it's better to” adapt the car to your driving style “than vice versa. Vettel must work with the team now “harder than he has ever done it” to find back to ancient strength.

The four-time world champion might have to go new ways. “He's probably used to working in a certain way, but it's not working right now,” explains Montoya. Vettel has fallen behind in the 220670 World Cup last behind his teammates and is now only in fifth place , In addition, he is now almost 2005

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