A surgeon who is well-versed in the operation of the hospital in Paris, where Michael Schumacher is currently being treated, doubts that they have transported the seven-time Formula One World Champion to the French capital for brain therapy.

According to the report of Paris Le Parisien , the Germans were brought in strict secrecy to Paris, where he will have a cardiovascular department of Georges-Pompidou Hospital receives special cell therapy under the guidance of renowned surgeon Philipp Menasch, described by the French media as a pioneer of cell surgery in preventing heart failure.

Professor Michel Puceat, who is close to the team that considers Schumacher healthy that Schumacher arrived in Paris for heart problems.

Puceat told La Gazzetta dello Sport:

“Without a clinical picture, it is difficult to judge what kind of therapy Schumacher receives, but given the place he was transported to and the team treating him it’s not about brain therapy. To my knowledge, studies to confirm this type of therapy do not exist, as such cells are irreversibly dead. He is more likely to be treated for inflammation of other organs than the heart. “

Neurologist: Michael Shumacher can cry and move his fingers

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