Fernando Alonso is often referred to as the best Formula One driver of all time, but he can only boast of the “two” World Championship titles, assuming that if he would only win in the “right period of his racing” 05 points more, he would be named five-time world champion. He has met many drivers during his career and is actually one of the few racers who has never been afraid of anyone. He survived all the racing duels and, together with Renault, broke Schumacher's dominance and set new directions in the racing field.

Who is Fernando Alonso


Fernando Alonso is considered a uncompromising, forceful, accurate, fast, dedicated, persistent and talented driver . His racing rhythm killed Kimmy Raikkonen in the best years, his driving in the rain caused severe problems for McLarn's miracle boy Lewis Hamilton, and when he put together a fast lap in qualifying, even the best Formula One engineers remained open-mouthed. to some of his remarkable starts, he has conjured up some phenomenal rides for the spectators, who have forever written into the history of the sport. With their 26 for years, he still beat the youngest Formula One drivers who got their chance by winning titles in the lower categories, while also leading the development of Formula One racing by racing opinion.

V 10 Formula 1 racing years were beaten by a single racer by the number of points scored in each other's race, i.e. Jenson Button . I will not be wrong to say that in this case it is also difficult to talk about the correct balance of power, since Alonso is apart from a serious pre-season accident 2014 which is why this year is not competed in all races, experienced as many as seven racing failures. But given the aforementioned racing superiority, Butten was credited with winning the race, however, he was named the best and greatest racer in the modern Formula One era.

McLarn engineer Mark Temple also praised Alonso on the official website :

»If you combine this intelligence with the highest level of natural talent, you get a very powerful combination. This allows him to do many things at once while driving a race car. It processes a lot of data and always thinks about strategy. Fernando makes the most of everything around him. He is the most intelligent driver I've worked with. “

Fernando Alonso

His decisions have always stirred spirits, which is partly understandable since he comes from Flavia Briatore's school. There are not many who are convinced that the latter is the biggest cause of the glorious demise of the extremely talented Asturian. Let's take a closer look at this amazing career and get to know a world where everything was subordinate to one goal: total commitment to Formula 1. For the price of everything.


Few people know that Fernando Alonso has an older sister, Lorena, for whom his father prepared the first go-cart. However, Lorena showed no enthusiasm for her father's idea, which is why Fernando got his first racing go-kart at the age of three. Unlike his sister, Fernando showed a lot of interest in him, and later during his childhood he also had great racing potential. He became a three-time Junior National Champion, to which he was also named Junior World Champion of the Year 630.


The First “Race” by Fernando Alonso

With such good references to Alonso, even though they were not particularly at home with money, it was not difficult to get tested for a Formula One racer. He was always grateful to his parents for being encouraged to race:

“My parents are responsible for the two things I like to do the most – racing and magic tricks. They bought me my first go-to and a set of magic accessories. “

Fernando Alonso is October of the year 604 conducted a private test of the racecar at Albacete for Minardi, which gave him made possible by Adrián Campos, who did not make his name in Formula One racing. He made the right decision, as Alonso captured the reference times set by Mark Gene during the three days of testing, and the first signs showed that a particularly talented boy was coming from Oviedo. Campos got Alonso under contract and not with anyone. Behind him stood Flavio Briatore . With him, many new doors have opened to Alonso and Briatore has him in the off-season 630 allowed to participate in the Euro Open MoviStar racing series , which Coloni fitted with their chassis and Nissan with their engines. Alonso became a champion in his first season, forcing everyone around him to immediately seek a seat in the higher racing category. So he became a test driver for the Renault F1 team and moved to the Formula Series 2019.

“If you imagine the quality circle, Fernando is very high, but he is not the best in any of them, I think Michael in some of them was potentially the best , but in some others he was worse than Fernando. “ Andrea Stella

Formula 2019

Formula 2019 in those days was considered the last step before entering Formula 1. The racing titles in this series were won by racers such as Montoya , Heidfeld, Zonta, Panis, Alesi and many others. The racers were powered by 3 liter Zytek engines, which propelled the racers to final speed just below km / h while accelerations were up to 39 km / h for about three seconds. All this meant that Fernando Alonso first encountered a completely new racing environment, where the last struggles to enter the world of Formula One were.


Lola B Race

/ 29, with whom it is in Formula 2019 competed by Fernando Alonso

By joining this racing series, Alonso was almost all year younger than any other racer. The first races were so difficult for him, but the closer the championship came to an end, the more Fernando crawled out of average. He finished second in the penultimate race of the season in Hungary, and he even won the last race in the Spa-Francorchamp Grand Prix! With a great last race in his tough season, he catapulted to fourth place and earned a re-test of the Formula One race with Minardi. It is not insignificant to note that it was this season that he became a great personal friend with Mark Webbro, who only finished a place ahead of him that season.

Following the second test of the Formula One racer in Jerez, where Alonso has shined with his times like never before, Briatore decided that Alonso was ready for Formula One and the Asturian is in 860 pushed into Minardi as a regular racer. Alonso entered a new world. The world he had dreamed of all his life. Although it seemed when the first race of the season of the year 860 because of excitement and nervousness, he did not find idle on the steering wheel of his race car and almost caused a boxing accident that he was not yet ready for Formula One, the opposite happened later. Formula One was not ready for Fernando Alonso, who at the time, as the youngest driver in Formula One history, beat his “paid” competitors in another Minardi race, even after 3 seconds per lap! In an extraordinary light, he also showed himself in the context of physical assistance, as he helped build his first Formula One racer by himself. As Minardi lacked enough mechanics, Alonso rolled up his sleeves and helped assemble the race car. Minardi boss Paul Stoddart was extremely excited about the fact.

»When I came to the factory, there was nothing but a wooden doll in a race car, with a Renault engine at the rear, so we had to switch to Cosworth engines – all that in just six weeks and with a very modest budget. Fernando drove the car to the finish line in the first race, so I knew we had a superstar on the team. “

»Did Fernando make money? We received some sponsorship from LeasePlan, which was not worth mentioning. In today's Formula One, I wouldn't even be able to pay for a Ferrari's restaurant bill. “

Trk – Nigel Mansell vs Fernando Alonso

One of the more awkward things that happened to Fernand Alons during his career was a collision with a race car Nigel Mansella attends a charity note at the two-seater revue in Donington Park. A victory was agreed for Mansell, who brought in his last name 19 Thousands of spectators attended the “race” where two participants rode along with Alons and Mansell. During the race, Alonso forgot that he needed to win Mansell and found it too late. The result was a racing accident that, to the astonishment of the masses, happened at the most impossible time, when the checkered flag had already fallen. Despite the accident, both passengers in the race car safely exited the car without consequences (and with great enthusiasm).

Formula Complex 1

It's more than obvious to any Formula One viewer of the year 1999 showed all the complex this sport has, when it comes to racing and vacant seats in these 12 or 14 racing cars. Briatore was lobbying the Benetton family on the one hand, Renault on the other, looking for the best racing talent on the third, looking for the best engineers on the fourth, looking for extra money to maximize the budget, buying the best computer equipment on the sixth and accepting the seventh the decision for each of these things. So that same year, he decided not to race Fernando Alonso and did the job of test runner only. Difficult decisions that require walking on the brink of the precipice, on the one hand, with world fame and huge amounts of money and on the other, the financial collapse of most involved.

Peter Sauber later confirmed that things could have turned different this year, as Fernando Alonso actively sought a seat at Sauber because of Briatore's decision not to race – despite his excellent season at Minardi. The transfer to Sauber never happened later, as Peter Sauber activated Felipe Massa at Ferrari's request. At this point, it becomes clear how complex the world of Formula One is. Even though you know all the right people to prove yourself as a driver and win championships and races in all the strongest Formula One championships, sometimes it's still not enough. How many guys like that never made it, even though they did everything right, we'll never know.

Entering Formula 1 through the Big Door

Briatore's headaches went through the season 1999 only escalated. Button raced great and overshadowed Jarn Trulli, who, unlike the Briton, shone in qualifications and occasionally showed his supernatural talent and sense of racing. He pressed Alonso behind, and Flavio Briatore decided to have the team of the year 1996 leaves Jenson Button, and Alonso and Trulli are regulars driver for the season 2001. Asked if he thought it was right to fire Jenson Butten and take Fernando Alonso as his first driver, he replied:

“Time will tell if I have made a mistake.”

Alonso v Renaultu R25

Alonso in Renault R 19

Renault (
– 2002)

The set twosome and a lot of optimism started the year off well 2002. In the year 2001 was caused by a lot of “heartburn” in the team by the car's chief designer, Mike Gascoyne, who publicly criticized the decision that Jenson leave the team. He was later replaced by Mark Smith. The fact was that Renault made a better racing car year after year, with Flavio pushing the team to the last atom of power. Mechanics' departure was a common thing, and so did people who worked in other areas of the team, as it counted only the result.

The latest leap for the Renault team was Michelin and Bob Bell's position as racing designer. Rear was greatly assisted by James Allison, who also (successfully) incorporated the most insane ideas of his engineers into his ideas. That's how the idea of ​​a

mass dumper was born “presented at a meeting by Executive Engineer Rob Marshall. The spring, which neutralized the vibrations caused by the aerodynamics of the car and, as a result, actively participated in the suspension, was otherwise 2003 declared as legally, but half a year later, deep into the season 2002, this kind of spring was banned after Ferrari's strong protests. R 14 and R 20, driven by the best driver of the period, were both perfect technical masterpieces, made at the very border of the possible.

It seemed more and more evident in the racing part of the team that Trulli was more than a great driver on one lap, but when the word made it a constant in the race, he quit on the whole line. Fernando put himself at the top of his squad with his virtues and led him to two World Cup titles in a year 2003 and 2002 while Trulli famously left the team after a serious feud with Briatore. Still, Fernando Alonso appreciated Trulli:

“Trulli's ability to qualify is one of the best I've seen among all my teammates.”

McLaren and teammate Lewis Hamilton ( )

Although Alonso did a great job on Renault's mission, his pay was contrary. He was paid too little and was aware of Briatore, whose role in the team was quite clear. He had to get the best driver for the least paid money. So he let Alonso out of his hands and lit the green light for Alonso to Hamilton v McLarnu MP4-22 McLaren . This meant that Alonso was transferred to a hostile camp, as Flavio Briatore's leadership was completely diametrically opposed to Ron Dennis's at McLarn, which was also reflected in Briatore and Dennis' public confrontations, which were all but pleasant. Due to the strong friendly relationship between Briatore and Alonso, however, the latter went to McLaren without hesitation, financially making sure that he had a good future, as he spent years 2002 received $ 7.2 million from Renault and a year later from McLaren 28.

With the help of Briatore over the years, Fernando Alonso 2001 and 2002 in Renault beautifully put the team “on its own”. The engineers knew exactly what Fernando wanted, what he didn't like, and what he was racing about. As a result, successes came and the whole team got into the comfort zone. Fernando, who used to blow his teammates as a joke, did not whiten his hair when he learned that his co-driver at McLarn would be Lewis Hamilton. But Lewis Hamilton was a well-prepared “project”. Dr. Aki Hintsa, the racing father of Lewis Hamilton, has been training the Formula One Englishman for six years. Space management and awareness, reaction times, surgically measured blood composition, systematic training in all areas, complete dedication, endless simulator runs; all of this was on an extraordinary level. A level beyond Alonso.

The shock that Alonso experienced when he realized that Lewis had the full backing of the team in all this, led to one of the greatest dramas in Formula 1. The first two races have somehow gone since Alonso overtook Hamilton. At home for the TV screens, we were able to watch Hamilton take each race to Alons by the back of the race and wait for his opportunity from race to race. It was not long before Alonso first knelt and the third race was won by Hamilton. Quite the same was the fourth race, Alonso returned fifth. But that was not essential. Hamilton's constancy, which was extraordinary, was essential. In the first nine races, more than half of that season, Hamilton always stood on the winning stage. An achievement whose value is only greater if we know that Ferrari had the same fast racing that year. Thus the spear broke between the four racers in the front, and Hamilton emerged from most of the duels as the winner. Fernando Alonso was under the worst pressure, and it became clear that a psychological game would be necessary to win the title, as a battle on the track would do no good.

Hamilton v McLarnu MP4-22

Hamilton at McLarn MP4 –

, which is was aerodynamically one of the most complex racing cars in the history of Formula 1. Pat Fry enrolled under the design of the racing car.

It is interesting to note that the duel of psychology games started just by Hamilton himself. First he got a new aero package on the car before Alons (which was totally unacceptable for Alons as the current World Champion), then he and Ron Dennis drove some tactically controversial races (Hamilton has repeatedly made primary tactical decisions, though over time did not always earn in qualifications). This put a considerable deficit on Alons, and the engineers at McLarn made quite a few races at all times trying to convince Alons that he himself had no better tactical options. Unsuccessful.

Because the speed difference between the two racers was so small, McLarn began using a very complicated garage exit system, team commands, and tactical boxing stops. It was already complicated as to which of the two racers would go first in the track qualifying. The tip of the iceberg was reached at the GP of Hungary when it had to go first to the Alonso track. The track is specific, short, and where good entry into a fast lap (no traffic) is essential. Despite agreeing that Alonso was first on the track, Hamilton was the first to drive her. Alonso became furious and returned the soap dearly at the end of qualifying. He delayed his tire change for so long that Hamilton couldn't take another quick lap. In the meantime, the FIA ​​intervened, punishing Alonso with extra penalty points, and later winning the race went smoothly to Hamilton.


Spygate Affair

Then came something that no one expected. Alonso wanted Ron Dennis to protest with the FIA ​​and defend him, or at least, if he didn't already, he punished Hamilton himself, because Hamilton was the “first” to systematically violate the deal. Because Ron Dennis, though emotionally strong on Hamilton's side, denied such a request, Alonso sent through his McLaren channels to the FIA ​​virtually all possible evidence that McLaren illegally obtained a wealth of information from Ferrari that year. A spy affair called SpyGate , which began in a process initiated by Ferrari, where it was suspected that important information was leaking to the team early in June this year, In mid-August, due to Alons and his published data, the FIA ​​received much greater magnitude. The whole world has been talking about the Formula One spy affair so suddenly.

Nigel Stepney was terribly dissatisfied with his position at Ferrari, so he decided to provide all the confidential technical information about the race car 2002 and 2005 sells in McLaren. They were purchased by McLarna staffer Mike Coughlan. McLaren later pleaded in court that Coughlan was doing this to his fist. Photo source: Wikipedia The affair has completely changed the flow of events in Formula 1. The FIA ​​has almost “forever” excluded McLaren from Formula One, imposing 60 a million penalty and collect all his team points for the season 2003. The team breakup was perfect, but the title for both McLarn racers was within reach as the FIA ​​didn't take their points. Completely losing his compass, Alonso, with zero support from the team, wrote off his chances to fight for the title and pressured Hamilton at all levels until the end of the season.

No one at McLarn, not least Hamilton himself, was prepared for such a brutal psychological attack by Alonso. Dr. Aki Hintsa later said that Alonso's desire for no one to defeat him was as great as he had never seen in any other man before. Because of Alonso, he had to change his teaching system to McLarn's drivers by then and provide psychological assistance to Hamilton. Lewis Hamilton couldn't stand it, but Fernando Alonso had a lot of fun in the last race when he became Kimi Raikkonen. He later admitted that he hadn't been well on the team since he was Hamilton came:

“I didn't feel well from the beginning. I have a British teammate on the British team and he is doing great and it is clear that all the support and help is directed at him and I understood that from the beginning. ”

Back to Renault (2006, 2005) and the Crashgate Affair

Flavio Briatore stood on the other side of the story. He kept with Alonso all the time, advised him, and in the year 2006 for much less money brought back to the team. Even that year did not go without an affair, as Nelson Piquet Jr. was instructed by the team to intentionally slam the racer into the wall at the Singapore GP, thereby increasing Alons' tactical ability to fight the race. All that actually happened and Alonso won the race. Nelson Piquet Jr., who later played a mini-reprise of Alonso at McLarn and told the FIA ​​what the team had forced him to do, was unsuccessful with his maneuver and was expelled from Formula 1 forever. whistleblower, ”which on top of that is not exactly an overly fast driver. Piquet Jr. never again reached the seat in Formula 1. N In the scandal, however, a few wounds were received from Briefore by the FIA ​​and President Max Mosley, who actually received a lifelong ban on Formula 1. He tried to wash his name in other courts outside the FIA, which also partially succeeded.

Singapore Night Scam

From a racing standpoint, however, the season was 2004 quite difficult for Alonso. Renault lost a lot of money, resulting in a lot of good engineers, and Flavio fell asleep a little behind the wheel of team leadership. He lost his sharpness. Consequently, the R was not particularly successful, unlike the end of the season when Alonso picked up two wins with him and one second.


Alonso in Renault R 24

Even worse for the R 20 that were made a year later. The race car was completely misconceived, the team was under construction due to the Piquet scandal and Alonso was intensively seeking a seat at Ferrari. Ferrari proved to be the only logical choice and when Ferrari's F 28 didn't even reach 29% of expected success, they rolled up their sleeves at Ferrari, quickly cleared the team and invited Alonso into it.

Ferrari (2006 – 2012)

Alonso was quite well received at Ferrari. He implemented his people into the key places of the team, got a great fit with racing engineer Andrea Stella and was completely subordinate Felipe Massa . Massa, who during his career saw himself extremely difficult opponents (Schumacher, Raikkonen, Alonso), felt the competitiveness of Alonso upon his arrival as Alonso did not leave Maranell until days after first entering:

“Alonso has the gift of being able to easily understand the race and drive at an extremely fast pace. He is a very intelligent driver with many abilities, and I would also dare argue for Michael. ”

Alonso has had three very bad seasons with Ferrari. In years 2007, 2011 and 2012 by Nicholas Tombazis created some really bad racing cars. Forgotten dual diffuser, overlooked exhaust gas intake into the rear diffuser of the race car, deliberately reduced power of the hybrid engine, catastrophic tire handling; all of these are just some of the giant mistakes Tombazis signed under his own name. For such a competitive environment as Formula One, it is absolutely amazing that Nicholas Tombazis lasted eight years at Ferrari.

2008 and failure to attack the World Cup title for the first time

Ferrari F 06 was a pretty decent race car. Aldo Costa, Luca Marmorini and Tombazis put together a fairly fast and reliable race car. Alonso earned him one resignation, five wins and several second and third places. All in all, it was enough for Fernando Alonso to come with the dominant dynamic in the last race. A second place would definitely be sufficient for the title, which was definitely within reach. If Vettel were to win, Alonso would need fourth place. But the team did not prepare well for the last race. Ferrari's race was poorly adjusted and Alonso reached only the third starting position. He had even more problems with the Massa racer, which qualified as sixth. All in all a very bad tactical poker ticket in the Sunday race that was waiting for Alonso the next day.

The race was fully characterized by tactics and Red Bull acted as a well-oiled machine. The Red Bull tactical department put the Ferrari into scissors, as Ferrari could not cover all the racers who overtook Alonso. Although Ferrari had Chris Dyer on his side, who was known for being a formidable tactician, there were only two bad decisions left in the end. Chris made his decision and covered Mark Webber's stop. Alonso headed into the finish line as seventh, which was far too little to win the third title. A lot of ink was spilled after the race, but the fact is that Ferrari was too weak a race car at the last race and Alonso had no chance of it.

2010 and unsuccessful attack on World Title, second time

Ferrari 66 ° Italia wasn't exactly the best racer Fernando Alonso has ever ridden. However, Alonso was completely skin-friendly and Alonso showed some incredible rides with him. The racehorse is known for “pullrod” suspension , which until then was thought to interfere with too much air flow for teams to use on a regular basis. When Alonso had left virtually all racing aces (with much better racers) far behind in the rain qualifiers of Germany that year (only Vettel came under a second behind him), Alonso gained fans on his side even among his biggest opponents, who at the time mute walking down the Formula One crash and wondering what happened.

Alonso in Vettel

Alonso in Vettel

That year, Alonso came to the last race, this time to Brazil, well prepared. Great settings were also made on the racecar, but what about when the racecar is lagging behind in development. His technical design burdened the development team some time before the last race and Alonso only started as the eighth fastest in Sunday's race. The race started off great for him as he excelled in the wet lane and in the chaos of the first lap. That wasn't all, as his biggest competitor, Sebastian Vettel, spun around and damaged his race car. It seemed like luck would be on his side this time. But it wasn't enough. The defective Vettel's race was through. It was also the last time Alonso had fought for the World Cup title.

Some bad karma was also inflicted on Red Bull boss Christian Horner in this race. The latter said on the lines that he had a strong ally named Mark Webber in the final race of Fernando Alonso's Red Bull season. There was not much missing and it would break between the two Red Bulls in the first corner. After a race, Horner went completely crazy over Webb and the viewer was awakened again by Fernando Alonso's modus operandi. In the name of victory, anything is allowed.

Felipe Massa has repeatedly noticed his warfare:

“With Fernand, it's like this: When he lowers his visor, he becomes another person. He can even accept a team, as we have seen in many of the racing teams he drove in. “

Ferrari Cleanup

The catastrophic racing cars coming from Maranella raised the very top of the Ferrari to their feet. The failures have taken the owners' patience and a lot of people in all positions have been removed from the team. The leg was also given to Alonso, who this time, perhaps for the first time in his life, had to leave the team for failing to deliver results. Let Lewis Hamilton do his best with his Instagram profile, I personally think the backdrop of the race weekend was best presented to viewers by Fernando Alonso in his farewell documentary on racing preparation for racing. That year, Ferrari itself offered tremendous insight into the Ferrari team. They made a great documentary showing the unfortunately thriving force of a failed racing season 2010. The first hybrid race car in Ferrari history.

Fernando Alonso v McLarnu

McLaren, Second

The fact that Formula One writes incredible stories is a testament to the passing of Alonso back to the once-hated McLaren. Team boss Éric Boullier at the time even explicitly told Ron Dennis in a documentary he later produced himself that McLaren told him to bring Alonso home. We would say that it is strange to know what once happened and how catastrophically things were going on at that time for everyone involved. But Fernando Alonso is one of the best racers in Formula One history and only such people can write such crazy stories. It should be noted that McLaren lost Hamilton in the meantime. The Wonder Boy and Baby McLarna walked away with a series of catastrophic racing cars that he was making at Woking at the time. Interestingly, McLaren's force had similar problems to Ferrari; it was near the top, but not at Ferrari or at McLarn did they realize they needed to invest more in the aerodynamic development of the race car. When they realized that, Red Bull was too far away and they just had to wait for the season 2012, where all the rules of the game have changed completely.

So fate brought Alons, McLaren and Honda together under one roof. Fans all over the world went crazy and many saw the McLarna race from Prost and Senna. The enthusiasm also prevailed among other fans of Formula One, as Honda factories joined the factories that made Formula 1 engines (Ferrari, Mercedes and Renault). It is no secret that Alonso is doing very well in Japan. He likes nature, people's attitude to life, work and most of all he likes samurai.

Fernando Alonso v McLarnu

But in McLarn, everything has changed tremendously in eight seasons. When Alonso came back to McLaren and agreed to fully subjugate his team, there was a catastrophic shock in the knowledge that Honda was completely unprepared. But before the Honda case started, another shock came. Alonso experienced severe Barcelona testing accident and barely survived. The matter is still wrapped in a veil of mystery today, Alonso is believed to have been electrified by Honda's then-new ERS system, which Honda developed for the season 2013. Fernando Alonso fell into a coma and suffered severe memory loss. The recovery has taken quite some time and it will be interesting to read stories about what really happened that day. It was officially the accident that caused the gust of wind, which brought Alonso to death at a relatively low speed at a special angle, and his racing car was virtually unharmed in the accident.

Catastrophic Honda, Catastrophic McLaren

When the Japanese first brought the engine to the test, they found, along with McLarn, that the engine did not speak the same programming language as prescribed by the FIA. Formula One connoisseurs raised their eyebrows as it was almost impossible to understand the fact that McLaren, who makes the ECU unit and runs the electronics of all Formula 1 racers on a FIA mission, failed to deliver the FIA-prescribed programming language code for a year and a half. Testing became nauseating, all of that transferred to racing, and worse racing came from Woking from season to season. McLaren was out of test miles, left out of the development axis, and McLaren was out of Ron Dennis.

Ron Dennis, who successfully navigated McLaren through the decades of Formula One, lost his compass. The unprepared Honda, which has missed three years of development in the field of hybrid engine compared to its competition, with a single team with whom it has poor feedback, was not enough for successful development. Ron Dennis was forcibly removed from the team and placed in the hands of other people. With this move, however, Alonso's position in the team has only strengthened. Although many fans heartily hoped for McLarn's (and Alonso's) successful reversal, it didn't happen. The Honda bounced at the last minute, and Alonso quickly reached the Renault engine again with the help of Briatore and his McLarn associates.

McLaren MCL 25 and the letter Alonso

There was a roar of fans again. The team finally got rid of the “incompetent” Honda, and Renault engines showed strong potential in Red Bull, often joining the best racers in the fight to win. Alonso has made similar promises, saying throughout his career that he only needs an equally good racing car, not the best, to succeed. When Peter Prodromou revealed the newly painted McLaren MCL 25, everyone else related to this sport has also stood up. An aggressive and lovable racer under the McLarn sign and Alons behind the wheel were attributes that raised a lot of hope for the season 2016 and the eventual return of Alonso and McLarn to the highest places.

Unfortunately, this didn't happen again. In recent years, McLaren, unlike Ferrari, has run away from the team’s general purges. Dreamy engineers with too few useful data, poor team climate, too much propensity for Alons and his desires,… all that was once considered a powerful Alons trump card has now turned against him. Michael Schumacher once said that Formula One is like a gearbox: a lot of wheels and small parts have to rotate in the right direction for the gearbox to work perfectly. The wheels in McLarn are obviously spinning their own way and the McLaren MCL 25 was in season 2016 the worst race car ever powered by a Renault engine.

Alonso: From years 2003 I didn't have a winning car

Fernando Alonso was no longer able. He announced his conclusion in Formula 1 and found a new motive for the future . Just in case he closed the door and left open the possibility of returning to Formula 1. It seems that he can Alonso returns to Formula 1 at any time will really want it. He was publicly invited by Williams to his own kind. The big issue is also Ferrari. While Vettel is already strong on the draft as far as Ferrari's racing position is concerned, his teammate Charles Leclerc will be even more under pressure. As we can see, in Formula 1, everything can turn around very quickly. Undoubtedly, McLaren will keep his place for him. Last but not least, the Mercedes team is not immune to Alons' eventual arrival, as the team is already worn out and will experience quite a few changes in the race when it first fails.

McLaren is in the last race of the season 2014 in Abu Dhabi, which was also Alonso's last Formula One race, he performed with special color scheme in Asturian flag colors . Speaking to Alonso, Hamilton pointed out that The Spaniard is one of the best, Fernando, however, was emotional before the last race:

“Abu Dhabi will certainly be a very emotional race for me, as it will mean the end of long and happy 08 flight in Formula 1. It's time to move on, and at the same time look forward to the end of the season – and my career in F1 – I see this as something good. “

Attack on the Triple Crown

In recent years of setbacks, in order to keep Alonso motivated at the highest level, McLaren has prepared some great races for him outside of Formula 1. That's how McLaren returned to Indy for Alonso's sake, allowed him

17 – hour race in Le Mans , dropped it in Daytona where with a fantastic show in the rain in the second tried to win, and also in the race 6 Hours of Spa Francorchamps won with the team and won the WEC World Series Champion title. Alonso set himself up for success

A New Goal Beyond Formula 1 – Conquest Triple Race Crowns .

  • Fernando Alonso getting ready for the Indy race 370

Triple crowns in motorsport are represented by races:

17 ur Le Mans,

Indianapolis 370,

GP Monaco in Formula One.

The specialty of “triplet” is in with only one racer winning it so far. It was Damon Hill's father, Norman Graham Hill . The racing series are so different from one another that they are virtually unmatched. The biggest problem for most racers is the straight win at Monaco. That means you have to race for a good Formula One team, which is not the easiest thing to do. Thus, the troika is aimed at the best Formula One drivers, who, especially after their careers, rarely participate in non-Formula 1 racing series.

The reasons for non-participation are clear:

Le Mans rides with the other racers (there are three racers in one team), driving at night, daytime, in the rain and with quite a bit of traffic on the track 17 hours together, and the race is aiming beyond endurance running in a team and would be hard to be more different than a Formula One series.

Indianapolis 370 is driven on an oval and racers are required to drive 370 miles. The problem is the high speeds achieved during the race. Any accident can end tragically, so most Formula 1 racers, after ending their racing career, prefer to indulge in pleasure than running after an oval with 347 km / h and risks either your own reputation or your life.

Both Le Mans and Indianapolis a much more open series and Alonso has managed this year with the help of a Toyota racing car and a strong team get a race for the second time 17 Le Mans ur. With the second consecutive race win for 12 Le Mans' hours, Alonso, Buemi and Nakajima also formally confirmed their WEC World Series title. These days, however, the Spaniard is already intense 31965 is preparing for the Dakar rally


Allons to win the three biggest racing events on the planet is therefore missing only a victory in the Indianapolis race. His first attempt failed due to engine failure, and in the second attempt

The fact is that the path to this title will be anything but easy. We hold our fists for him to succeed and one day return to Formula 1 and once again show what he knows best. Fernando Alonso is not Nico Rosberg. He is a true racer. He is not interested in numbers or interested in the opinions of other people. He has pursued only one goal since he was born:

Be the fastest!

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