An analysis of the GPS data of the German publication Auto Motor und Sport revealed that Ferrari could develop additional qualifications under certain circumstances than its competitors 55 horsepower. The sheer power of the Ferrari's powertrain is thus a major conundrum for Mercedes, Renault and Honda, as competing manufacturers have yet to find an answer to Maranell's main team advantage.

Ferrari has won the races at Spaj and Monza through the raw power of its powertrain, as competition has not found the answer to the speed of a Ferrari car on the long plains of both racecars.

GPS analysis of the German AMuS showed that Ferrari had taken an additional step forward with the third powertrain specification, and Charles Leclerc and Sebastian Vettel were expected to have additional

. horsepower.

Analyzes show that Ferrari in Monza only gained almost a second on the plains compared to Mercedes, which meant that Ferrari had no competition in the pole position. The situation during the race was a bit different as Lewis Hamilton could drive a bit faster in the fresh air than Leclerc, but the Briton had no chance on the plains even with the DRS open. Mercedes engineers have found that Hamilton gained only four meters, despite the use of DRS, compared to Leclerc at the starting finish line.

The competition has already established that Ferrari can only use mysterious power when driving out of the garage, and then in a moderate rhythm take a warm-up lap. Therefore, Vettel and Leclerc can only reach the highest level in qualifying, in the first round of the race and at the restart, while for unknown reasons they cannot be used in duels during the race.

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